Violin Concerto Op.23

Dag Wirén

Violin Concerto op. 23, Triptych, Wind Quintet, String Quartet No. 5

The Violin Concerto op. 23 from 1946 is one of Dag Wirén's most beloved compostitions. On this recording...

The Arctic Ocean

Gösta Nystroem

Arctic Ocean, Sinfona Breve, Sinfonia Seria

Two central orchestral works from the first generation of Swedish modernists, Ishavet (Arctic Ocean, 1924–25)...

Stenhammar/sång/Ithaca/Rom CC-S

Wilhelm Stenhammar

The Song, Two Sentimental Romances, Ithaka

This CD in the Caprice Composer Series mirrors Wilhelm Stenhammar (1871–1927), a composer, pianist and...

Pettersson Conc 2 + Barfotasånger

Allan Pettersson/Violin Concerto

& Suite from Barefoot Songs

In the Caprice Composer Series, Caprice Records presents Allan Pettersson’s violin concerto No. 2 and a suite...

Adolf Wiklund/Conc 1+2/Sommarnatt CC

Adolf Wiklund

Piano Concertos No. 1 & 2, Sommarnatt och soluppgång

On this CD in the Caprice Composer Series we present Adolf Wiklund’s two piano concertos from 1906–1907 and...

Atterberg/symf 3/Hornkonsert C

Kurt Atterberg

Symphony 3 & Horn Concerto in A-minor

Caprice Composer Series present Kurt Atterberg’s Symphony No. 3, op. 10 and the Concert for Horn and Orchestra...

Lidholm/Greetings/Kontakion CCS

Ingvar Lidholm

Music for Strings, Nausicaa Alone, Greetings from an Old World & Kontakion

On this recording from the Caprice Records Composers series, a representative selection of music by the Swedish...

Rosenberg/Söderlundh CC-serien

Hilding Rosenberg & Lille Bror Söderlundh

Two Violin Concertos

In the Caprice Composer Series present two violin concertos, one by Hilding Rosenberg and the other by Lille Bror...

Pettersson Symf 12 + Conc 1 CCS

Allan Pettersson / Symphony 12

Various Artists

The Caprice Composer Series presents Allan Pettersson’s Konsert nr. 1 för stråkorkester (concerto no. 1 for...

Gunnar de Frumerie CC-Serien

Gunnar de Frumerie

Variations and Fugue for Piano and Orchestra

Caprice Records presents, in the Composer Series, three works by Swedish composer Gunnar de Frumerie; Variations...

Allan Pettersson CC-Serien

Allan Pettersson/Seven Sonatas for Two Violins

Josef Grünfarb & Karl-Ove Mannberg

Caprice Records presents, in the Caprice Composer Series, 7 Sonatas for 2 Violins, composed by Allan Pettersson...

Anders Eliasson CC-Serien

Anders Eliasson

Canto del Vagabondo/Canti in Lontananza

In the Collectors Classics Series we present two of the most important compositions in Swedish orchestral music...

Dag Wirén CCS#21

Dag Wirén/Chamber Music

String Quartets 2 & 5

This, the twenty-first release in the Caprice Composer Series, is devoted to chamber music by Dag Wirén. Dag...

Torbjörn Iwan Lundquist Symph. No. 7

Torbjörn Iwan Lundquist

Anita Soldh, Olle Persson, Mikaeli Chamber Choir & SRO

Torbjörn Iwan Lundquist (1920 – 2000), Symphony No. 7 Humanity – Dag Hammarskjöld in memoriam. Anita...

Bengt Hambræus

Various Artists

Various Artists The 20th issue in the Caprice Composers Series is a portrait of the composer Bengt Hambræus containing the following compostitions: Rota II, Ricordanza per orchestra and Symphonia Sacra in Tempore Passionis.Rota II for multi-channel loudspeaker rendering is made up of electronically processed instrumental sounds. These consist entirely of the sound of bells and organ, via a number of tiny bells from a small foundry near Mora in Sweden, and the organ of the Church of the Assumption in Munich. Ricordanza is an...

Karl-Birger Blomdahl CC-Serien

Karl-Birger Blomdahl

Chamber Music & In The Hall of Mirrors

The Caprice Records composer series presents Karl-Birger Blomdahl, one of the protagonsists of the Swedish music...