Adolf Wiklund

Piano Concertos No. 1 & 2, Sommarnatt och soluppgång

On this CD in the Caprice Composer Series we present Adolf Wiklund’s two piano concertos from 1906–1907 and 1917 respectively, and the symphonic poem Sommarnatt och soluppgång (Summer Night and Sunrise, op.19).

Adolf Wiklund (1879–1950) was born and raised in western Sweden. His adolescence was spent in Eskilstuna on the southern shore of Lake Mälaren, just west of Stockholm. After his conservatory studies, lasting three years, he studied counterpoint under Johan Lindegren, Sweden’s foremost contrapuntist, and was a non-paying pupil with Richard Andersson and a one-time pupil of Clara Schumann. He was Kapellmeister in Karlsruhe in 1907 and rehearser at the Berlin Staatsoper before becoming the second violinist at the Royal Opera in Stockholm. In 1915 he was appointed a member of the Musical Academy in Stockholm.

Participating musicians are; the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra led by Jorma Panula and Stig Westerberg. The pianists are; Ingemar Edgren and Greta Erikson.

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Show playlist

    • Piano concerto No.1, E minor, Op. 10 Music: Adolf Wiklund

      • 1.
        I Allegro energico

      • 2.
        II Andante ma non troppo

      • 3.
        III Allegro vivace

    • Piano concerto No.2, B minor, Op. 17 Music: Adolf Wiklund

      • 4.
        I Allegro moderato – II Andante sostenuto

      • 5.
        III Allegro ma non troppo

    • 6.
      Sommarnatt och soluppgång (Symphonic Poem Op.19) Music: Adolf Wiklund

  • Total playtime 74'44
Compact Disc // CAP 21363 // Caprice Composer Series // Classical // Releasedate: 1 January, 1988