Allan Pettersson/Violin Concerto

& Suite from Barefoot Songs

In the Caprice Composer Series, Caprice Records presents Allan Pettersson’s violin concerto No. 2 and a suite from Barefoot Songs.

Allan Pettersson’s Concerto No. 2 for Violin and Orchestra, written for Ida Haendel, and perhaps one of the most exacting violin concertos to have been written during the 20th century, makes enormous demands on the soloist’s technique, memorization capacity and powers of concentration. It is composed in a single long block – a form frequently employed in Allan Pettersson’s symphonies.

The first Barefoot Song in the choral suite – God Walks in the Meadow – with which this recording continues, is, in a manner of speaking, present in virtually every bar in the concerto, right from the beginning, where the song is alluded to by the double basses. The choral suite was arranged by Eskil Hemberg, at the composer’s request, in 1969.

Ida Haendel plays the solo violin, Margareta Dahström sings the soprano part. The Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Stockholm University Chorus are led by Herbert Blomstedt and Eskil Hemberg.

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Show playlist

    • 1.
      Violin Concerto No. 2 Music: Allan Pettersson

    • Suite From Barefoot Songs

      • 2.
        God Walks in the Meadow Music: Allan Pettersson Text: Allan Pettersson

      • 3.
        Sunday Land

      • 4.
        Tell Me, Rose

      • 5.
        Winter Is Coming

      • 6.
        Fiddler’s Jouney to Heaven

      • 7.
        You’re Lying

  • Total playtime 68'25
Compact Disc // CAP 21359 // Caprice Composer Series // Classical // Releasedate: 1 January, 1988