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Anders Cangemark
Marketing and Promotion Manager
+46 8 519 567 01

Marie Wisén
Director Caprice Music
+46 8 519 554 69

Karin Algvik
Head of Communications
+46 70 832 42 14


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Press Material

For press images and other materials, please contact:

Anders Cangemark
Marketing and Promotion Manager
+46 8 519 567 01


Here you can download the Caprice Music logotype.

The logotypes are available in two different color formats: CMYK (for print) and RGB (for screen) and are available in the file formats EPS (CMYK and RGB) and PNG (RGB only). The logotype is available in a positive version, for use against a light background, and in a negative, for use against a dark background.

Download the Caprice Music logotype

NOTE! The files are compressed in a Zip file and will need to be unzipped after downloading.

How to Use the Logotype

Clear Space

The logotype has a clear space where no other texts, images, or elements are allowed to be placed. The clear space also indicates the minimum permissible distance to a side edge in a printed matter, advertisement, or on a webpage.

The clear space is one module (1 X) based on the symbol’s height and is always proportional in relation to the logotype’s size. The module is calculated by dividing the symbol’s height by three.

The clear space should be the same on all surfaces around the logotype, and the same module applies to all versions and layouts of the logotype.

Minimum size

In order for the logotype to be clearly recognizable even at small sizes, we have a recommended minimum size of 5 mm in height for print applications and 24 pixels in height for digital applications.

If you have any other questions about the logotype’s usage or need it in a different file format, you can contact Jonas André at +46 8519 554 71.