Anders Eliasson

Canto del Vagabondo/Canti in Lontananza

In the Collectors Classics Series we present two of the most important compositions in Swedish orchestral music of the 1970s. The works are “Canti in Lontananza” (Songs in the Remoteness) and “Canto del Vagabondo” (Songs of the Vagabond) by Anders Eliasson.

The Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra is playing directed by Stig Westerberg and Herbert Blomstedt.

In Canti del Vagabondo you will also hear the Chamber choir, The Choir of the Swedish Radio and a trio of boy sopranos.

Eliasson received the much cherished Christ Johnson-prize for Canto del Vagabondo and in 1987 he was assigned a price by the newspaper Expressen. That same year he received the Hilding Rosenberg price for his orchestral works.

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Show playlist
    • 1.
      Canto del Vagabondo : I - III Music: Anders Elisasson
    • 2.
      Canti in Lontananza Music: Anders Eliasson Text: Anders Eliasson
    • 3.
      La Fièvre Music: Anders Eliasson Text: Anders Eliasson
    • 4.
      Disegno per Quartetto d´Archi Music: Anders Eliasson
  • Total playtime 58'03

Compact Disc // CAP 21402 // Contemporary // Releasedate: 1 January, 1990