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More than 400 titles from over 40 years of releasing everything from classical music, contemporary and electroacoustic music, to jazz, folk, world music, pop, children's and youth music. Search the Catalogue.


Main Distributor
Naxos Sweden

International Distributors
Belgium: Xango Music
Canada: Naxos of America
Denmark: Naxos Denmark
Finland: Naxos Finland
France: Abeille Musique Distribution
Germany: Naxos Germany
Greece: Greenway
Italy: Ducale Music
Japan: Tokyo M Plus
Luxembourg: Xango Music
The Netherlands: Xango Music
Norway: Naxos Norway
Portugal: Distrijazz (jazz titles only), Compact Records
Spain: Distrijazz (jazz titles only), Compact Records
United Kingdom: Naxos UK
USA: Naxos of America