Eje Thelin Group: Live ’76

Eje Thelin, Harald Svensson, Leroy Lowe, Bruno Råberg

Improvised music is the most immediate and direct form of art, as it is the only one in which the listener becomes a participant in each event.
The music itself is only the acoustic materialization of the instant emotional and spiritual interaction among everyone present.

-Eje Thelin

The Eje Thelin Group was formed in the autumn of 1974, and the members were Eje Thelin (trombone), Leroy Lowe (drums), Bruno Råberg (bass) and Harald Svensson (keyboards). This was their second album, which contains a recording of a concert at the Stockholm Museum of Modern Art on the 23rd of June, 1976. There has been no technical altering or editing of the recorded sound.

Technician: Nils Edström
Cover art: Ewert Karlsson (EWK)
Photo: Ove Alström

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Show playlist

    • 1.
      Onbird Music: Harald Svensson

    • 2.
      Another Piece of Music Music: Eje Thelin

    • 3.
      Time Music: Eje Thelin

    • 4.
      Little Green Men Music: Eje Thelin

    • 5.
      Balance Music: Eje Thelin

    • 6.
      Diesel Music: Harald Svensson

    • 7.
      Tesseraction Music: Eje Thelin

    • 8.
      Solo VI Music: Eje Thelin

    • 9.
      Entity Music: Eje Thelin

    • 10.
      Capricorn Music: Eje Thelin

  • Total playtime
Digital // CAP 21905 // Jazz // Releasedate: 8 December, 2017