Opposite Corner: Low-High

The Gothenburg jazz group Opposite Corner was one of the most acclaimed Swedish jazz groups during the 1970s, and in 1976 they received the Jazz in Sweden award.

Low-High is their second album, and at the time of its recording Opposite Corner belonged to the more established “modern” jazz groups. Low-High consists to a large part of compositions made by bassist Kjell Jansson. The music is playful and with a lot of unique ideas and influences. The many different styles and development lines that exist within the jazz genre are fully explored.

The band took influences from art- and folk music from different countries, but also from John Coltrane. A new addition to the band on Low-High is the singer Annika Skoglund who sings in three of the eight tracks on the record, and got very good reviews for her unique voice. Among other things, she sings a song from a poem by Göran Sonnevi, Också i mitt hjärta (As well in my heart).

Opposite Corner:
Gunnar Lindgren – Tenor saxophone
Åke Johansson – piano
Kjell Jansson – bass
Mats Hellberg – drums
Annika Skoglund – vocals

Recorded at Studio 12, Sveriges Radio Gothenburg, on Dec 12-14, 1981
Producer: Jan Bruér
Released: 1982 as an album (CAP 1267), released as a digital album in March 2016.

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Show playlist

    • 1.
      Också i mitt hjärta Music: Kjell Jansson/Göran Sonnevi

    • 2.
      Jag vill va' hos dej Music: Kjell Jansson

    • 3.
      Hej hej på dej Music: Kjell Jansson

    • 4.
      Vackra låten Music: Kjell Jansson

    • 5.
      Song for Mozambique Music: Semenya McCord

    • 6.
      Tveka Music: Kjell Jansson

    • 7.
      Höst Music: Kjell Jansson

    • 8.
      L H Music: Kjell Jansson/Mats Hellberg/Åke Johansson/Gunnar Lindgren

  • Total playtime
Digital // CAP 21891 // Jazz // Releasedate: 03-2016