Iskra – gränslös musik

Iskra: Jörgen Adolfsson, Tuomo Haapala, Allan Olsson, Sune Spångberg, Arvid Uggla

The group Iskra was probably the most ferocious and untamed ensemble in Swedish jazz and improvisational music. A group of equal individuals, in a leaderless collective; their music making process was completely democratic. Revolting was, in many ways, part and parcel of the 1960’s and 70’s zeitgeist – revolt against everything; aesthetics, customs, fashion, food. The Vietnam War contributed in opening many people’s eyes to what was, and had been going on for a long time under colonialism and imperialism around the world. Iskra wanted to create a music that, without a word, would give a voice to both anger and compassion in the face of what happened, while at the same time bringing fourth the burlesque, humor, and deviations from the aesthetics of “good taste”.

Musical influences from other cultures were important ingredients in the groups’ musical language. This happened in confluence with the candid open-heartedness and wanderlust that the members had adopted early on from American and European role models.

On this compilation album, you’ll hear examples of the odd, and uncommonly shifting musical expressions Iskra served up during its 22 year existence. Most tracks are taken from earlier albums, while a few others are previously unreleased. In such a long period, the music has time to transition through many different phases, and this selection contains recordings from schools, jazz clubs, musical workshops, and the band’s rehearsal space. The environments therefore shift, but perhaps not as much as the group’s instruments – everything from kitchen bowls to electronics contribute to the arabesque span of timbres and sounds. The “Iskra Music” was created with great perceptiveness.
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    • 1.
      Lonely Woman Music: Ornette Coleman

    • 2.
      Tarmstadt - Bonus Music: Iskra

    • 3.
      Skärplinge skola 1980 Music: Iskra

    • 4.
      Till Katarina Blum Music: Iskra

    • 5.
      Röster från Teater 9 Music: Iskra

    • 6.
      Leija Music: Richard Evans

    • 7.
      Amadindafrenesi Music: Iskra

    • 8.
      Minnesförlustens tid Music: IskraKallerdahl

    • 9.
      Industrimusik Music: Iskra

    • 10.
      Besvärjelser (utsnitt) Music: Iskra

    • 11.
      Livet i Finnskogarna (från Grodsymfonin) Music: Calle Jularbo

    • 12.
      Ancient Evenings, Future Mornings Music: Iskra

    • 13.
      Driften är säker, energin ren Music: Iskra

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Digital // CAP 80012 // Jazz // Releasedate: 15 September, 2017