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Amanda Sedgwick, Monica Zetterlund, Monica Dominique, Alice Babs, Monica Borrfors Quintet, Ann-Sofie Söderqvist, Annika Skoglund, Mariam Wallentin, Lindha Svantesson, Stina Nordenstam, Jeanette Lindström Quintet, Elise Einarsdotter Ensemble, Lina Nyberg, Josefine Cronholm, Brita Lindahl, Lena Willemark, Lulu Alke, Sonya Hedenbratt, Nannie Porres kvartett, Erika Angell, Rigmor Gustafsson, Karin Hammar, Edda Magnason, Berit Fagerlund, Margareta Bengtson, Katarina Wilczewski, Sonia Sjöbeck, Mabel Albins, Linda Pettersson, Ulla Hallin, Pia Lang, Kerstin Bagge, Bibi Johnson, Josefine Lindstrand

In connection to the 10 year anniversary of the music organization IMPRA, Caprice Records releases a digital collection showcasing female artists in jazz and improvisational music, all part of Caprice’s rich catalogue. The 30 tracks feature vocalists, instrumentalists, arrangers, improvisers, and composers.

Over 70 years bridge the distance between the oldest and youngest contribution; the singer Mabel Albins, 1938, and singer-songwriter Edda Magnason, 2010. Several of the artists present on this collection have been honoured with the Jazz in Sweden award, some not without controversy as they’ve stretched the genre boundaries and challenged perceptions of what jazz is and can be.

The most common instrument for women in jazz is still the voice, but today, singers are also often composers and arrangers. Pioneers like pianist Monica Dominique, trumpeter Ann-Sofie Söderqvist, and pianist Elise Einarsdotter are represented, musician who, together with younger colleagues, still develops the Swedish jazz stage.

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Here you can get more information (in Swedish) about each track and artist on this collection.

Show playlist

    • 1.
      Now Please Don´t You Cry Beautiful Edith Music: Roland Kirk

    • 2.
      What´s New? Music: Bob Haggart/Johnny Burke

    • 3.
      You´re Driving Me Crazy Music: Walter Donaldson

    • 4.
      Your Touch Music: Gösta Nilsson/Eric Bibb

    • 5.
      Det finns luft Music: Stefan Forssén

    • 6.
      Song for Mozambique Music: Semenya McCord

    • 7.
      There is No Light Music: Andreas Werliin/Mariam Wallentin

    • 8.
      Speak of Love Music: Lindha Svantesson/Fabian Kallerdahl

    • 9.
      Memories of a Color Music: Stina Nordenstam

    • 10.
      Gracie's Piano & the 25th Key Music: Steve Dobrogosz/Jeanette Lindström

    • 11.
      Wedding Song Music: Johan Setterlind

    • 12.
      En ton Music: Caetano Veloso

    • 13.
      I Hold My Breath Music: Josefin Cronholm

    • 14.
      Call of the Freaks Music: Paul Barbarin

    • 15.
      Poem Music: Elise Einarsdotter/Frank O'Hara

    • 16.
      Angel Eyes Music: Matt Dennis/Earl Brent

    • 17.
      What Is This Thing Called Love? Music: Cole Porter

    • 18.
      You Don't Know What Love Is Music: Gene de Paul/Don Raye

    • 19.
      And I Still Blush Music: Erika Angell

    • 20.
      Mylla Music: Jerker Lindström

    • 21.
      Lapa Music: Lina Nyberg

    • 22.
      Snow Music: Edda Magnason

    • 23.
      There's Good Blues Tonight Music: Glenn Osser/Edna Osser

    • 24.
      There Will Never Be Another You Music: Harry Warren/Mack Gordon

    • 25.
      All of Me Music: Seymour Simons/Gerald Marks

    • 26.
      Alexander's Ragtime Band Music: Irving Berlin

    • 27.
      Humble Embracement Music: Jerker Lindström

    • 28.
      Det är vårt öde att doa Music: Duke Ellington/Billy Strayhorn/Beppe Wolgers

    • 29.
      How High the Moon Music: Morgan Lewis

    • 30.
      There Will Be Stars Music: Josefine Lindstrand/Sara Teasdale

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Digital // CAP 80011 // Jazz // Releasedate: 9 December, 2016