Britta Lindell: Waiting for the Next Sunrise

Britta Lindell, Nils Landgren, Berit Lindberg, Bertil Färnlöf, Christer Andersson, Bengt-Göran Staaf

Caprice Records is now re-releasing Britta Lindell’s second album Waiting for the Next Sunrise, from 1981. An extraordinarily gifted mutil-instrumentalist, Lindell built her own sonic landscapes with the help of no less than 55 different instruments, of which she played 45 herself. Several different bowed and plucked string instruments, flutes and other winds, a plethora of percussion, as well as Lindell’s characteristic voice can be heard on this record.

Britta Lindell (1943 -2000) was a trained violinist. In her compositions she gathered musical influences from all over the world, and she harboured a deep passion for early renaissance and baroque, which is more than evident on this album. Her music is open-minded and border-crossing, comprised of a multitude of styles and, at the same time, with its own unique address. Contemporary reflections in Lindell’s lyrics get on well together with contributions from Carl Michael Bellman and William Shakespeare.
The result in music that’s difficult to categorize, but undeniably beautiful, fun, and original.

In the words of Britta Lindell herself: It’s like a great stage by a richly coloured gaggle of jesters and troubadours, comely ladies and madmen, cry-babies and hecklers. But behind the myriad of pungent masks, you will keep seeing the same person.

Producer: Bengt-Göran Staaf
Editor: Lars Silén
Cover photo: Göran Undén

Tracks 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14 and 15:
Recorded on March 9-14, 1981, at Studio Decibel
Technician: Bengt-Göran Staaf
Tracks 2 and 3:
Recorded at Sveriges Radio (Swedish Broadcasting Corporation)
Technician: Nils Boström
Tracks 12, 13 and 16:
Recorded at Europafilm Studio
Technician: Leif Allansson

Other musicians:
Trombones, voices: Nils Landgren
Harp, percussion: Berit Lindberg
Tenor Saxophone: Christer Andersson
Voices, percussion: Bertil Färnlöf

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Show playlist

    • 1.
      a) The Outsider Music: Britta Lindell

    • 2.
      b) Travel Music: Britta Lindell

    • 3.
      c) Blind and Deaf Music: Britta Lindell

    • 4.
      Beau Jester Music: Britta Lindell/William Shakespeare

    • 5.
      Pastoral Music: Britta Lindell/Carl Michael Bellman

    • 6.
      Echo Music: Britta Lindell

    • 7.
      Chaconne Music: Britta Lindell

    • 8.
      Thunderstorm Music: Britta Lindell

    • 9.
      Pase l'agoa Music: Britta Lindell/Anonymous

    • 10.
      El sueño Music: Britta Lindell/Anonymous

    • 11.
      The Citizen Music: Britta Lindell

    • 12.
      a) Folks Music: Britta Lindell

    • 13.
      b) Ghosts Music: Britta Lindell

    • 14.
      Lilla Lisa Lipsill Music: Britta Lindell

    • 15.
      Moder Jord Music: Britta Lindell

    • 16.
      The Next Sunrise Music: Britta Lindell

  • Total playtime
Digital // CAP 21895 // Alternative // Releasedate: 25 October, 2016