Christina Andersson sjunger Bulat Okudzjava och Bertolt Brecht

Christina Andersson, Cecilia Peijel, Jan Kling, Karin Öhman, Björn Borg, Ulf Söderholm, Anders Lindgren, Björn Eriksson, Håkan Molander, Per Johansson, John Kongshaug, Jean Billgren

Christina Andersson is an actor, and have worked for, among others, the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, where she was hired by Alf Sjöberg in 1975. She’s most knows as a balladeer, however, and released this debut record in 1978, in which she interprets four songs by Bertolt Brecht and twelve songs by Russian author and troubadour Bulat Okudzhava. Jean Billgren made the musical arrangements. Okudzhava’s lyrics was translated from Russian to Swedish by Hans Björkegren.

The writer and dramatist Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956) is well-known to the Swedish audience, and many of his songs have become classics, put to music by Kurt Weill and later on by Hanns Eisler. Christina Andersson has herself played Polly in The Threepenny Opera, and on this records she sings Pirate Jenny.

Bulat Okudzhava (1924-1997) is relatively unknown in Sweden, but was a great figure in his native Soviet Union and eventually the entire Eastern Europe as well. When he started putting his poems to music he quickly became popular and the songs spread via unofficial routes long before he was allowed to perform publicly and could release record in the homeland. Formally, the songs of Brecht and Okudzhava are quite disparate, yet have much in common: the colloquial style, universal validity, incorruptibility, and social pathos.

Okudzhava died at the age of 73 during a visit in Paris in 1997. In his songs, he became an important expounder of the views of his generation, without ever being overtly patriotic, something which Staffan Skott pointed out in his obituary in Dagens Nyheter. It’s the helplessness and plight of the ordinary people he poetizes. Christina Andersson still performs his songs, both in Sweden and Russia.

Recorded in Europafilm’s Studio 3, May 1978.
Producer: Gunilla Sandberg Saulesco
Editor: Suzanne Öhman-Sundén
Cover photo: Jan de Laval

Guitar: Cecilia Peijel
Clarinet, saxophone: Jan Kling
Flute: Karin Öhman
Trumpet: Björn Borg
Percussion: Ulf Söderholm
Violin: Anders Lindgren
Viola: Björn Eriksson
Cello: Håkan Molander
Contrabass: Per Johansson
Banjo, guitar, mandolin: John Kongshaug
Piano, harmonium: Jean Billgren

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Show playlist

    • 1.
      Sången om mitt liv Music: Bulat Okudzvaja/Jean Billgren

    • 2.
      Sången om Moldau Music: Bertolt Brecht/Hanns Eisler/Jean Billgren

    • 3.
      Visan om papperssoldaten Music: Bulat Okudzvaja/Jean Billgren

    • 4.
      Visan om soldatstövlarna Music: Bulat Okudzvaja/Jean Billgren

    • 5.
      Sjörövar-Jenny Music: Bertolt Brecht/Kurt Weill//Jean Billgren

    • 6.
      Tupparna Music: Bulat Okudzvaja/Jean Billgren

    • 7.
      Georgisk visa Music: Bulat Okudzvaja/Jean Billgren

    • 8.
      Den sista trådbussen Music: Bulat Okudzvaja/Jean Billgren

    • 9.
      Dumskallevisan Music: Bulat Okudzvaja/Jean Billgren

    • 10.
      Farväl ynglingar Music: Bulat Okudzvaja/Jean Billgren

    • 11.
      Det ondas mask Music: Bertolt Brecht/Hanns Eisler/Jean Billgren

    • 12.
      Svarte Katt Music: Bulat Okudzvaja/Jean Billgren

    • 13.
      François Villon Music: Bulat Okudzvaja/Jean Billgren

    • 14.
      Surabaya-Johnny Music: Bertolt Brecht/Kurt Weill//Jean Billgren

    • 15.
      Sången om den blå ballongen Music: Bulat Okudzvaja/Jean Billgren

    • 16.
      Visan om den öppna dörren Music: Bulat Okudzvaja/Jean Billgren

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