Contra Post (Vinyl Edition)

Palle Danielsson, Joakim Milder, Rita Marcotulli, Anders Kjellberg, Göran Klinghagen

The next step in the series, where saxophonist and jazz aficionado Jonas Kullhammar curates vinyl editions of famous Caprice albums, is dedicated to Swedish jazz bass legend Palle Danielsson and his debut album as a bandleader and solo artist: Contra Post from 1994. The album has previously only been released on CD and digitally, and we at Caprice Records hope that this remastered reissue on vinyl will bring his incomparable music and playing to a new audience!

This is how Jonas Kullhammar himself describes this new edition:

Palle Danielsson is without a doubt one of the greatest musicians to ever appear on the
Scandinavian jazz scene. He has made a worldwide impact, together with artists such as Keith Jarrett, Michel Petrucciani, Charles Llloyd and Elvin Jones, to mention a precious few.

Contra Post is actually Palle’s only full length album as a leader (so far), and when it first came out, it completely knocked me off my feet. This amazing group, with Joakim Milder, Rita Marcotulli and Anders Kjellberg, was really something special, and the tracks with Göran Klinghagen on guitar are beautiful.

All of you who have heard this album before, already know that the recording made by Jan Erik Kongshaug is outstanding. For some people, it might seem crazy to release it on vinyl, since it is not as clean sounding as the CD or digital releases of this album, but for me and other vinyl freaks the occasional snaps and crackles, and the vinyl warmth gives us an optional beautiful way to enjoy Palle and the magnificent band.

All of us who have been fortunate to encounter Palle’s musicality up close are blessed, and may he and his music live forever!

Jonas Kullhammar
November 2022

Before Palle Danielsson toured with all the other greats, as an 18-year-old, he played in Stockholm with pianist Bill Evans’ trio. During the latter part of the 1960s, he worked with George Russell, Steve Kuhn and others, and he was part of several of the most well-known Swedish groups, e.g. that by Eje Thelin. In the early 1970s, Palle was part of the group Rena Rama, which released two albums on Caprice Records. Until retirement, Palle Danielsson subsequently worked as a freelance bassist; he has given concerts and recorded records all over the world. Palle Danielsson’s playing stretches far beyond the borders of jazz – for instance, he happpily plays with various folk and world music groups. For him, jazz is not a definite, delimited style – it is a starting point for free imagination, and it invites exciting encounters and mixtures of the most diverse kinds.

On the album, in addition to Palle himself, we hear Joakim Milder on saxophones, Rita Marcotulli on piano and Anders Kjellberg on drums. Göran Klinghagen also makes a guest appearance with his guitar on a few tracks.

Recorded by Jan-Erik Kongshaug in Rainbow Studio in Oslo, Norway 30-31 May, and by Åke Linton (A1, B2 and B4) in Palle Danielsson’s residence, Kolsäter, Åkers Styckebruk 29 April & 29 June 1994.
Mix: Jan-Erik Kongshaug and Palle Danielsson in Rainbow Studio, 1-2 June & 1 August 1994.
Vinyl master: Jonas Kullhammar
Producer: Jan-Erik Kongshaug & Palle Danielsson.
Original liner notes: Lars Westin, 1994.
Photo: Per B. Adolphson (colour) & Joakim Milder (b/w).
Graphic design: Torbjörn Zetterberg.
Executive producer Lars Silén,
Jonas Kullhammar (vinyl edition).

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Show playlist

    • 1.
      Contra Post Music: Palle Danielsson

    • 2.
      Tiramisu Music: Palle Danielsson

    • 3.
      Indecisione Music: Rita Marcotulli

    • 4.
      Penta Music: Palle Danielsson

    • 5.
      7 Notes, 7 Days, 7 Planets Music: Rita Marcotulli

    • 6.
      Out of Habit Music: Rita Marcotulli

    • 7.
      Monk's Mood Music: Thelonious Monk

    • 8.
      Not Yet Music: Joakim Milder

    • 9.
      Luna Music: Palle Danielsson

    • 10.
      Blue Lilacs Music: Palle Danielsson

  • Total playtime
CAP 21941 // Jazz // Releasedate: 12 May, 2023