Svante Söderqvist – The Rocket

Svante Söderqvist, Adam Forkelid, Calle Rasmusson, Tuulikki Bartosik, Klas Lindquist, Sebastian Notini

From one of Sweden’s preeminent jazz bassists, Svante Söderqvist‘s second solo release The Rocket is an album that reflects the difficult times we live in, with a constantly worsening climate crisis, increased political instability and polarisation, a lack of humanity and sustainable thinking.

The title is multi-faceted, alluding to the war in Ukraine, but also suggesting a reborn space race – as if it were easier to move to Mars than to make sure that we humans can maintain a long-term sustainable existence here on earth.

(Photo: Fabian Rosenberg)

In the middle of it all sits Svante Söderqvist and his fellow musicians, who contribute to the fight against climate change, for example by touring without air transport. All the while aiming for the stars and doing everything to reach out and touch people, spreading hope and faith in the future.

Svante’s compositions are unique, with a distinctive sense of melody and melancholy. The sentimental yet hopeful music reaches right into the soul. Intimate, atmospheric jazz with a scent of the Swedish woods, that puts life’s big questions on the line.

The band members are:
Svante Söderqvist – bass, cello
Adam Forkelid – piano
Calle Rasmusson – drums, percussion

Guest performers:
Tuulikki Bartosik – accordion
Klas Lindquist – clarinet
Sebastian Notini – percussion

Recorded in December 2022 at Rixmixningsverket, Stockholm, Sweden
Produced by Svante Söderqvist & Calle Rasmusson,
Co-produced by Adam Forkelid
Sound engineering by Vilma Colling
Assisting engineer Nathalie Martinez
Additional recordings and editing at Studio 88 by Calle Rasmusson
Mixed by Pål Svenre/Unit 7
Mastered by Klaus Scheuermann/4ohm Music
Album cover and artwork by Thomas Lothström
Studio footage by Peter Bothén

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Show playlist

    • 1.
      The Rocket Music: Svante Söderqvist

    • 2.
      Exil Music: Svante Söderqvist

    • 3.
      The Man with the Blue Hat Music: Adam Forkelid

    • 4.
      The Third One Music: Svante Söderqvist

    • 5.
      Michel Music: Svante Söderqvist

    • 6.
      Wrong Track Music: Svante Söderqvist

    • 7.
      But Still Music: Svante Söderqvist, Calle Rasmusson, Tuulikki Bartosik

    • 8.
      Hoppet Music: Svante Söderqvist

    • 9.
      Epilog Music: Svante Söderqvist

  • Total playtime

Available on CD and on all major digital stores and streaming services.

CAP 21943 // Jazz // Releasedate: 8 December, 2023