Music from Vietnam 1

Music from Vietnam 1

Tradition and Renewal in the Hanoi Region

Vietnam is a country with an immense wealth of musical tradition, with a long history as one of the points of...

Music from Vietnam 2: Hué

Music from Vietnam 2


The City of Hûe occupies a special position in Vietnamese musical tradition. The music of this city is known for...

Music from Vietnam 3:Ethnic minorities

Music from Vietnam 3

Ethnic Minorities

Vietnam’s long history at the point of intersection between different political and cultural spheres is...

Music from Vietnam 4: The Artistry of Kim Sinh

Music from Vietnam 4

The Artistry of Kim Sinh

More than ten years ago, Kim Sinh participated in a CD on the Caprice label with music from Vietnam. Since then...

Music from Vietnam 5: Minorities from the central

Music from Vietnam 5

Minorities from the Central Highland and Coast

Vietnam is a wonderfully rich country — from a musical perspective. On Music from Vietnam 5, one has for the...

Music from Ecuador

Music from Ecuador

Music of the Andes,Traditional Dance Rhythms of the Cities & Jivaro Music

Musica de Ecuador is the title of this double CD released by Caprice Records in cooperation with The Swedish...

Music from Ethiopia

Music from Ethiopia

Old and Recent Traditions

This recording gives rich samples of the sounds of tradition in urban musical life in Ethiopia.The ancient...

Music from Cape Verde

Music from Cape Verde

Mornas, Coladeras, Funaná

One of the more interesting regions when world music is concerned is Cape Verde. It has a fascinating musical...

Music from Uganda 1: Traditional

Music from Uganda 1


This is a presentation of one of the amazing music countries of Africa.A selection from the many cultures that...

Music from Uganda 2: Modern Traditional

Music from Uganda 2

Modern Traditional

Music from Uganda 2 presents the "new" music, in which the traditional forms have been developed and...

Music from Uganda 3: Echoes of Kampala

Music from Uganda 3

Echoes of Kampala

Here we get to listen to urban music. A ”new” country enters the stage of African pop music. The capital of...

Music from Tanzania and Zanzibar 1

Music from Tanzania and Zanzibar 1

Taditional Music

The focus is on traditional music, with several groups from two African countries whose music is less well known...

Music from Tanzania and Zanzibar 2

Music from Tanzania and Zanzibar 2

Arabic & African

This music is unique, warm, swinging, close to folk music, here with modern, digital sound quality. The music has...

Music from Tanzania and Zanzibar 3

Music from Tanzania and Zanzibar 3

Kilimani Muslim School Choir

On the CD Music from Tanzania and Zanzibar 3 the Kilimani Muslim School Choir is presented.This is irresistible...

Music from Guatemala 1

Music from Guatemala 1

Brass Orchestras, Flutes & Marimbas

Guatemala today is the home of a large variety of musical forms, each with its own cultural roots. Here are...

Music from Guatemala 2 Garifuna Music

Music from Guatemala 2

Garifuna Music

The Garifunas live along the eastern coast of Central America. This fantastic music vibrates with old African and...