Music from Vietnam 4

The Artistry of Kim Sinh

More than ten years ago, Kim Sinh participated in a CD on the Caprice label with music from Vietnam. Since then he has become something of a cult figure among American rock and jazz guitarists.

He is blind since birth and more than seventy years old, but continues to gather interest and win new listeners thanks to his special musical style.

The music that he and his apprentice and son Kim Thang plays is actually part of a special form of theatre in Vietnam called Cai Luong. It was created during the 1920s as a reaction against older forms of theatre and contained elements taken from Western music and jazz.

Kim Sinh and his son play on specially built Western guitars, but of course also on several types of traditional Vietnamese instruments. The music is partly improvised and partly built on traditional forms and contains excitement, drama, and lyrical beauty. An individual, new, and inspiring world of sounds!

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Show playlist
    • 1.
      Lieu Xuan Nuong
    • 2.
      Vong Co
    • 3.
      Xang Xe - Vong Co
    • 4.
      Lieu durong hoang thien khuc
    • 5.
      Cay Truc Xinh
    • 6.
      Dinh Lan
    • 7.
      Luru Thuy truong
    • 8.
      Ly Con Trang
    • 9.
      Nam Xuan
    • 10.
      Son Dong lu huong ma...
  • Total playtime 57'39

Compact Disc // CAP 21673 // Music from … // Folk music // Releasedate: 15 August, 2003