Per-Olof Johnson – Svensk gitarrmusik

Per-Olof Johnson (1928-2000) was a Professor in classical guitar playing at the Malmö Academy of Music, and made himself a great name as a pedagogue. His contributions have had a major impact in raising the classical guitar playing in Sweden to an international level. As a teacher he educated a whole generation of guitarists, including Göran Söllscher and Börje Sandquist. In addition to this, he also made himself recognized as a performing solo guitarist, playing concerts in Scandinavia as well as other parts of Europe, the United States and Russia.

His repertoir consisted to a large extent of his own transcriptions of early music for lute and guitar, and also new music in which he often collaborated with the composer for the final work.
Per-Olof Johnson played on two instruments made by the renowned guitar and piano maker Georg Bolin (1912-1993). One of them is the very interesting “alto guitar”, which was created in a collaboration between Per-Olof Johnson and Georg Bolin. The alto guitar has 11 strings and is tuned as a renaissance lute in order to perform the rich lute literature in a more authentic way.

Hilding Hallnäs (1903-1984) was a composer who focused much on the guitar, and Per-Olof Johnson made the first performance of many of his works. On this record, Per-Olof Johnson chose Strängaspel, a piece regarded as very important in the modern swedish guitar repertoire.

Assaggio is a transcription for alto guitar by Per-Olof Johnson of Assaggi for solo violin by Johan Helmich Roman, picking movements from different assagi to make one comprehensive suite.

Recorded at Mastersound Recording Studios AB, Skurup, in August 1981.
Producer och technician: Lars Finnström
Graphics: Ulf Andersson
Cover photo: Oscar Hedlund

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Show playlist

    • 1.
      Strängaspel: I. Impromptu Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 2.
      Strängaspel: II. Serenade Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 3.
      Strängaspel: III. Etude Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 4.
      Strängaspel: IV. Romanza Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 5.
      Strängaspel: V. Nocturne Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 6.
      Strängaspel: VI. Intermezzo Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 7.
      Strängaspel: VII. Largo Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 8.
      Strängaspel: VIII. Capriccio Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 9.
      Bellmaniana: I. Introduction & March (Epistle no. 51) Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 10.
      Bellmaniana: II. Pastoral (Epistle no. 80) Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 11.
      Bellmaniana: III. Theme and Variations (Epistle no. 48) Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 12.
      Bellmaniana: IV. Andante (Epistle no. 7) Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 13.
      Bellmaniana: V. Menuet I (Song no. 2 and Epistle no. 70) - Menuet II (Song no. 3) - Menuet I (Variation alla Gigue) Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 14.
      Assagio: I. A tempo giusto Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 15.
      Assagio: II. Allegro Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 16.
      Assagio: III. Andante Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 17.
      Assagio: IV. Bourrée Music: Hilding Rosenberg

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