White Orange

Tim Hagans, Hector Bingert, Erling Kroner, Waldemar Hajer, Wojtek Ernest, Johan Norberg, Kåre Ström, Lars Beijbom

This is the debut album of a, at the time, newly formed band: White Orange! Eight musicians from five countries, who played a type of jazz fusion inspired by many different musical and social experiences.
There is so much to enjoy in this music: a highly catchy rhythm, artful tunes and arrangements, as well sparkling improvisations!

White Orange made their stage debut at the Stockholms Jazzdagar festival in 1979, and the group was highly praised by both audience and critics. In October of that year they continued performing on radio and TV-shows, and the producer Erik Kjellberg made contact with the group, suggesting a recording on Concert Sweden’s label Caprice Records. Said and done, in November the ensemble gathered at the OAL Studio in Sollentuna north of Stockholm, and recorded the music for this debut album of White Orange.

In the stringent economic climate at the time, no one thought it wise to form an eight man strong group. Well, no one did either. The band just happened, in the following configuration:

Tim Hagans: trumpet, flugelhorn
Hector Bingert: tenor & soprano saxophone, flute
Erling Kroner: trombone
Waldemar Hajer: violin, alto saxophone, trombone
Wojtek Ernest: Fender Rhodes, piano
Johan Norberg: guitar, electric guitar
Kåre Ström: electric bass
Lars Beijbom: drums, percussion

Recorded at OAL Studio, Sollentuna, Nov 22-25, 1979
Producer: Erik Kjellberg
Technician: Lennart Ström
Cover photo: Pawel Lucki
Graphics: Pontus Reuterswärd

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Show playlist

    • 1.
      Eat Your Heart Out Music: Lars Beijbom

    • 2.
      Låt Music: Kåre Ström, Lars Beijbom

    • 3.
      Låt bli Music: Lars Beijbom

    • 4.
      Bistro Music: Waldemar Hajer

    • 5.
      Edgy Miss Fidgety Music: Lars Beijbom

    • 6.
      E Slowly, E Slowly Music: Lars Beijbom

    • 7.
      The Very End Music: Lars Beijbom

  • Total playtime

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