Tommy Koverhult’s Quintet

Tommy Koverhult (1945-2010) had, before these recordings, for many years been reputed as one of the foremost tenor saxophonists and jazz musicians in Sweden. A couple of years before this album he formed this quintet, which brought to the fore his own compositions and playing. Moreover, Tommy had picked some of our most energetic and expressive players to surround him, thus setting the grounds for music that proved from the start to very powerful and swinging. Tommy Koverhult Quintet was elected by the readers of the musical magazines Orkester Journalen and Tonfallet as the jazz group most in demand for a record debut in ’83.

Born in 1945, Tommy started out on the saxophone as a teenager and got a good formal training. He was also among a young bunch of students that gathered around pianist-composer Lasse Werner in the early sixties. No less important was the education that Tommy got from listening and playing at numerous informal jam sessions that were held at small and obscure clubs in the Old Town of Stockholm. It was here that he first got exposed to the playing of tenor saxophonists Bernt Rosengren and Bosse Wermell as well as other great Swedish jazzmen of the post-cook school. Later Tommy got involved with the music of trumpeter Don Cherry, who led a weekly work shop in Stockholm, and Tommy played several concerts with him. At the end of the 60’s he was a member of Bernt Rosengren’s Quartet. In the beginning of the 80’s he formed the band playing on this album. All tracks here are original compositions by Tommy.

Tommy Koverhult: Tenor and soprano saxophone, alto flute
Bobo Stenson: Piano
Gunnar Bergsten: Barytone saxophone
Ove Gustavsson: Double bass
Leroy Lowe: Drums

Recorded in Glenstudio, Stocksund, 17 feb and 9 mar 1983
Technician: Rune Persson
Producer: Lars Westin
Editor: Lars Silén
Graphics: Pontus Reuterswärd
Cover photo: Liza Bohlin

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Show playlist

    • 1.
      Sun and Sin Music: Tommy Koverhult

    • 2.
      Butterfly Music: Tommy Koverhult

    • 3.
      Our Friendship Music: Tommy Koverhult

    • 4.
      Easy Driving Music: Tommy Koverhult

    • 5.
      Global Secret Music: Tommy Koverhult

    • 6.
      Budha Music: Tommy Koverhult

    • 7.
      What Not Music: Tommy Koverhult

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Digital // CAP 21849 // Jazz in Sweden // Jazz // Releasedate: 5 March, 2015