Soul Train

21852_Soul Train

Soul Train was led by the nowadays well known Swedish vocalist Claes Janson and keyboardist Staffan Abeleen (1940-2008)

Soul Train’s music was influenced by the Afro American tradition but also by soul, funk and latin. Soul Train was elected by readers of the musical magazines Orkester Journalen and Tonfallet as the jazz group most in demand for a record debut in 1986.

Vocals: Claes Janson
Keyboards: Staffan Abeleen
Trumpet and percussion: Gustavo Bergalli
Tenor Saxophone: Tommy Koverhult
Guitar: Claes Askelöf
Bass: Hans Larsson
Drums: Henrik Wartel

Engineer: Håkan Wållgård
Producer: Ruud de Sera
Graphics: Ulf Andersson

Recorded in the Sonet Studio, Stockholm 15–25 April 1986

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Show playlist

    • 1.
      I Believed in You Music: Askelöf, Janson

    • 2.
      Iron Stick Music: Askelöf

    • 3.
      Lately Music: Wonder arr: Abeleen

    • 4.
      I'll Paint Your World Music: Askelöf, Janson

    • 5.
      You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat it Too Music: Janson, Sandström

    • 6.
      Don't Blow it Music: Askelöf

    • 7.
      Sai Dessa Music: Marquez Terra; arr: Abeleen

    • 8.
      Till Fordan Music: Askelöf

    • 9.
      Soul Shadows Music: Sample Jennings

    • 10.
      Georgia on my Mind Music: Carmichael, Gorell

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