Änglaspel (Angel Chimes) was elected by the readers of the musical magazines Tonfallet and Orkester Journalen as the jazz group most deserving to make a record debut in 1982.

The sextet plays mostly music by pianist Stefan Forssén, music that is progressive without being complicated, tender without being sentimental, wild without being brutal. Stefan’s music is a personal artistic synthesis of the most varied musical traditions, from Baroque music to Hambo of northern Sweden, from Thelonius Monk to Alice Tegnér, a Swedish composer of children’s songs. Stefan’s artful melodical arabesques and rhythms make an indelible impression on one’s memory. They are also capable of inspiring the skillful musicians in Änglaspel sometimes to exciting drama, other times to calm lyricism.

Drums: Erik Dahlbäck
Trumpet and flügelhorn: Ann-Sofi Söderqvist
Tenor saxophone: Stefan Isaksson
Soprano saxophone: Mikael Godée
Bass: Anders Jormin
Piano: Stefan Forssén

Engineer: Rune Persson
Producer: Lars Westin
Layout: Ulf Andersson

Recorded live at Fasching, Stockholm 6 March 1982 and in GlenStudio, Stocksund 8 March 1982

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Show playlist

    • 1.
      Vinjett Music: Forssén

    • 2.
      Blues March Music: Blakey; arr. Forssén

    • 3.
      Det finns luft Music: Forssén

    • 4.
      Bästa låten Music: Forssén

    • 5.
      Nost Music: Forssén

    • 6.
      Tyskland rustar Music: Dahlbäck

    • 7.
      Tre Music: Forssén

    • 8.
      Crazy Boogie Music: Forssén

  • Total playtime
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