Entra Camaleón

The name Entra Camaleón is a phrase that drummer Anders Kjellberg picked up when he visited Cuba at the end of the 1970’s. The bus drivers used it to great each other, Anders recalled. No one in the band really understood exactly what the name meant, but it stood for power and immediacy – which was what the music of Entra Camaleón was very much about.

The quartet was formed in 1978 and had a fast growing reputation as one of the most original and exciting formations in Swedish jazz at that time. In the fall 1980, the readers of the musical magazines Orkester Journalen and Tonfallet voted for Entra Camaleón as the group most deserving to make a record debut during 1981. The result is this album, the 10th in the Jazz in Sweden-series from Caprice.

The band members were:
Anders Kjellberg, drums and percussion. Anders started out playing rock in the 60’s and he was heard with the jazz groups Mwendo Dawa and Mount Everest during the 1970’s.

Pianist Harald Svensson got started in classical music, but was recognized in the 1970’s as an exceptionally talented jazz pianist, working with Egba, Resa and The Eje Thelin Group.

Saxophonist Thomas Gustafsson played with the group Barabbas and also appeared with drummer Conny Sjöqvist’s band Waves.

Bassist Sergej Muchin, born in Austria to Russian parents, raised in Sweden and first recognized for his playing with the group Exit.

Aside from Mountain in the Clouds by Miroslav Vitous, all the pieces on this record are original compositions. Some of them were really pre-composed tunes, while others were created in the studio in collective improvisations. Here are also patterns that were originally created in improvisation and to which the musicians kept returning spontaneously while playing.

Recorded in Glenstudio, Stocksund, 26–29 Jan 1981
Technician: Rune Persson
Producer: Lars Westin
Editor: Lars Silén
Graphics: Inga Beckeman
Cover photo: Ander Jirås

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Show playlist

    • 1.
      B.C. Music: Harald Svensson

    • 2.
      Mountain in the Clouds Music: Miroslav Vitous

    • 3.
      Erik Music: Harald Svensson

    • 4.
      Göta River Music: Anders Kjellberg

    • 5.
      Christina Music: Sergej Muchin

    • 6.
      Efteråt (Afterwards) Music: Thomas Gustafsson

    • 7.
      Naughty Bits Music: Thomas Gustafsson

    • 8.
      Eldorado Street Music: Anders Kjellberg

    • 9.
      Doscha Music: Sergej Muchin

  • Total playtime
Digital // CAP 21847 // Jazz in Sweden // Jazz // Releasedate: 5 March, 2015