Equinox was elected by readers of the musical magazines Orkester Journalen and Tonfallet as the jazz group most in demand for a record debut in 1984.

Equinox was formed in 1978 in Malmö, in the south of Sweden, by the saxophonists Håkan Broström and Tomas Franck. After this recording the band went the whole way nationally as well as internationally, and became one of the leading jazz groups in Sweden. The members at the time for the recording of this album were Tomas Franck on tenor saxophone, Håkan Broström on alto saxophone, Leroy Lowe (1944–1999) on drums, Lars Danielsson on bass, and Lars Jansson on piano. They have all since then have successful carriers, with their own bands and with other groups.

Recorded at GlenStudio, Stocksund, Apr 28–30, 1984.
Technician: Rune Persson
Producer: Lars Westin
Editor: Lars Silén
Cover photo: David Skoog
Graphics: Ulf Anderson

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Show playlist

    • 1.
      No Effort Music: Håkan Broström

    • 2.
      Sun Rain Music: Tomas Franck

    • 3.
      Celebration Music: Lars Jansson

    • 4.
      Spellbound Music: Håkan Broström

    • 5.
      Libra Music: Tomas Franck

    • 6.
      Munch a Cone Music: Håkan Broström

    • 7.
      Sadhana Music: Lars Jansson

  • Total playtime
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