The Lost Jugglery

Mikael Edlund

Mikael Edlund is probably the only composer of contemporary art music in Sweden, who has his roots entirely in rock- and pop music. He has however, also studied composition at the Royal High School of Music, being taught by modernists like Ingvar Lidholm and Arne Mellnäs . His reaction against the academic modernism is his instrumental piece for the theatre “The Lost Jugglery”, recorded on this CD.

The music of Mikael Edlund is always close to improvisation and yet extremely elaborate. His way of composing is often very slow and carried out in close interaction and dialogue with devoted musicians. In this way he is able to reach an optimal relationship between form, content and interpretation. Edlund’s extreme sensitivity for articulation is at its best in the chamber music.

Participating musicians in The lost jugglery are: Boel Adler, mezzosoprano, Anders Loguin and Anders Holdar, percussion, Mats Widlund, piano and Chrichan Larson, cello.On this CD you will also find the following pieces: Solo for Violin with Mats Zetterqvist, Jord (earth) played by Kroumata Percussion Ensemble, Blue Garden with Trio Mats and Music for Wind Quintet played by a Wind Ensemble led by Bo Holten.

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Show playlist
    • 1.
      Solo, for violin Music: Mikael Edlund Text: Mikael Edlund
    • 2.
      Jord Music: Mikael Edlund Text: Mikael Edlund
    • 3.
      Blue Garden Music: Mikael Edlund Text: Mikael Edlund
    • 4.
      Music for Double Wind Quintet Music: Mikael Edlund Text: Mikael Edlund
    • 5.
      The Lost Jugglery Music: Mikael Edlund Text: Mikael Edlund
  • Total playtime 74'15

Compact Disc // CAP 21447 // Contemporary // Releasedate: 15 April, 2009