Edda Magnason

The debut record with Edda Magnason sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard. It is eccentric – but in an earnest and very natural way. The music and lyrics take you on a trip with many exciting stops. A trip that you’ll love to do over and over again.

The pianist, singer and songwriter Edda Magnason grew up in the countryside in southern Sweden. Her father is, as her name suggests, from Iceland. As a child, Edda often sat by the piano, picking out hymns and writing her own little pieces.

– Nobody has ever interfered with the musical part of my life, it became a free zone very early, a happy and unproblematic side of life.

She describes her composing as logistics. It’s like a puzzle, you try the pieces and see which ones fit together.
– I’m not too keen on recipes, manuals and sheet music – I take things into my own hands, she smiles.

Caprice welcomes her unclassifiable style: a seamless blend of jazz, pop, folk song and classical music. Some lyrics tell a story, others are more impressionistic and hint at Edda’s fondness of haiku poems. Some of the pieces are completely instrumental. There is a playfulness, a sense of adventure and nimble freshness.

This aesthetically multi-talented artist also has a pronounced sense of the visual. The result can, for example, be enjoyed through the beautiful, detailed illustrations in the CD booklet. Sometimes cute, often enthralling. Illustrative pictures that fire the imagination. Just like the music.

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Show playlist
    • 1.
      Swirl Music: Edda Magnason
    • 2.
      Ropewalking Music: Edda Magnason
    • 3.
      Drömde jag var hund Music: Edda Magnason
    • 4.
      Ali Music: Edda Magnason
    • 5.
      Playbird Music: Edda Magnason
    • 6.
      Snow Music: Edda Magnason
    • 7.
      The Blue Hour Music: Edda Magnason
    • 8.
      Niece Music: Edda Magnason
    • 9.
      Patience Music: Edda Magnason
    • 10.
      Boats Music: Edda Magnason
    • 11.
      Sweet and Sour Music: Edda Magnason
    • 12.
      Emmigrants Music: Edda Magnason
    • 13.
      Goodbye Song Music: Edda Magnason
  • Total playtime 41'32

Compact Disc // CAP 21812 // Pop/Rock // Releasedate: 20 January, 2010