The Swedish Horn

Ib Lansky-Otto, Albert Linder, Sören Hermansson, Pelle Jakobsson, Carl Gustaf Färje

The fifth installment in Caprice Records’ series of digital compilations with Swedish art music is primarily dedicated to the French horn. Not necessarily because the horn has been an often recurring choice as solo instrument by Swedish composers, but rather because the examples that do exist shine with splendid musical and technical qualities.

What should also be mentioned is how immensely important different types of horn have been for the development of Swedish folk music, with origins far older than, for instance, the fiddle. This is commented upon throughout the album by the insertion of traditional herding calls and shepherd tunes played on cow horn between the grandiose and serious art music works.

On these recordings you can hear some of Sweden’s most prominent horn players; Ib Lansky-Otto, Sören Hermansson, and Albert Linder, cow horn players Carl Gustaf Färje and Pelle Jakobsson, as well as conductors Stig Westerberg, Juha Kangas, and Gérard Oskamp.

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Show playlist

    • 1.
      Kuleken - Shepherd tune from Rättvik and Ore Music: Traditional

    • 2.
      Horn Concerto in A Minor, Op. 28 (1926): I. Allegro pathetico Music: Kurt Atterberg

    • 3.
      Horn Concerto in A Minor, Op. 28 (1926): II. Adagio Music: Kurt Atterberg

    • 4.
      Horn Concerto in A Minor, Op. 28 (1926): III. Allegro molto Music: Kurt Atterberg

    • 5.
      Shepherd tune from Mockfjärd Music: Traditional

    • 6.
      Horn Concerto, Op. 70 (1972): I. Allegro moderato Music: Gunnar de Frumerie

    • 7.
      Horn Concerto, Op. 70 (1972): II. Andante sostenuto Music: Gunnar de Frumerie

    • 8.
      Alarme, Op. 11 (1969) Music: Åke Hermanson

    • 9.
      Conertino No. 5 for French Horn and Strings, Op. 45 (1955): I. Allegro moderato Music: Lars-Erik Larsson

    • 10.
      Conertino No. 5 for French Horn and Strings, Op. 45 (1955): II. Lento cantabile Music: Lars-Erik Larsson

    • 11.
      Conertino No. 5 for French Horn and Strings, Op. 45 (1955): III. Allegro vivace Music: Lars-Erik Larsson

    • 12.
      Horn tune from Malung Music: Traditional

    • 13.
      Horn Concerto, Farfalle e ferro (1992): I. Risoluto Music: Anders Eliasson

    • 14.
      Horn Concerto, Farfalle e ferro (1992): II. Lento (attacca) Music: Anders Eliasson

    • 15.
      Horn Concerto, Farfalle e ferro (1992): III. Presto, leggiero Music: Anders Eliasson

    • 16.
      Shepherd tune from Evertsberg Music: Traditional

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Digital // CAP 80008 // Swedish Classical Music // Classical // Releasedate: 30 September, 2016