Lappland 1953

In 1953, Matts Arnberg made two long trips in Sami areas to document their song – the joik. Joiks had previously been recorded in connection with Olof Forsén’s documentary trips. Matts Arnberg now planned, together with Håkan Unsgaard – then head of Swedish Radio’s district office in Sundsvall – to make a comprehensive inventory of the country’s joik traditions. Israel Ruong – an inspector of  ”nomad schools” (schools for Sami children) who had an extensive contact net and a thorough knowledge of joik and its nature – took part in the trip.

The first trip took place in March and April in a northerly area from Jokkmokk in the south to Karesuando in the north. The next expedition, in November and December of the same year, was from Tärnaby to Arjeplog.

These trips yielded extensive, rich joik material which far later – in 1969 – was edited in order to produce a record album released by Swedish Radio’s publishing section. A book, more than 300 pages, which consisted of travel tales, song texts and comprehensive comments – Jåjk – was also published.

The album was later re-issued by Caprice Records.


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