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Questions relating to the collections should be directed towards the office, for answers from the centre’s research archivists. It is also possible to search the databases, as well as order and collect materials. Visit the office on site, or contact via telephone or email.

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Tegeluddsvägen 100, Stockholm
Tel: +468-519 554 88

Opening hours

Tuesday & Thursday from 1 pm to 5 pm or by appointment

June 6 – closed

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Svenskt visarkiv’s office

At the office, visitors can:

  • Search the centre’s directories for lyrics, melodies, sound recordings and other materials
  • Search information on traditional music and dance, jazz, ethnomusicology and related subjects
  • Listen to field recordings and commercially released CDs in the listening room
  • Read microfilm materials
  • Order books from the archive library for use on site in the reading room
  • Photocopy for personal use (2 SEK per page)
  • Purchase books and CDs 

The texts and musical scores are searchable externally via the web. The old card catalogues are digitised and will be published step by step.  For now, the staff can offer further assistance with searching, if there are difficulties with finding materials in the available directories.

Alongside sound recordings, there is also a very diverse range of other materials held in the archive – for example, newspaper clippings, personal papers, posters, CDs, books and photographs. These can for now only be searched in the centre’s local database. This is available onsite for personal browsing, or by contacting a member of centre staff who can be of assistance.

Study visits

A study visit at Svenskt visarkiv can offer a general overview of the work of the centre, but can also be tailored to the visiting group's special focus and interests. The visit can include talks and lectures, demonstrations of archival materials, as well as practical guidance on databases and collections.

Svenskt visarkiv welcomes groups from associations, schools and universities. For practical reasons, the group should not exceed about 25 people.

For booking visits, contact Wictor Johansson

Copies and Inter-library Loans

The centre does not lend sheet music and books, but visitors are free to make copies for their private use. Copies can also be ordered via the office, and can then be sent with mail or email. For postal delivery a fee of 4 SEK is payable per paper copy.

Readers nationwide are able to order copies of copyrighted texts and scores in the archive, via local libraries. These materials would otherwise only be reproducible by an onsite visitor at the centre. Copyright protected works are those where the author has been deceased for less than 70 years and/or included in printed publications that are less than 50 years old. Such material may be reproduced for private use only, and can be published or made available only by arrangement with rights holders.

Libraries can, on behalf of borrowers, order free inter-library loan copies of virtually all musical score materials from the archive. The borrower may then make personal copies of the material from their library. Mail an order for the desired sheet music/text to the office: Please clearly mark that the order is from a library. Scanned copies in PDF format should be received in a few days.

The centre values co-operation with libraries, so that more users can access the archive materials, whilst copyright is respected.

Recordings Copy Service

CD copies of most of the centre’s own recordings can be ordered for private use.

Price: work is charged per hour of playing time (250 SEK per hour). Cost of CDs (20 SEK each) and postage will be added.