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Puls no 7

In Puls no. 7 you can read seven full-length articles of diverse topics and approaches. We are happy to present an interesting feature article by music sociologist Prof. Simon Frith about the choices musicians make out of accidents, obstacles and opportunities.

Other topics cover as diverse subjects as groove in Norwegian tele-springar, cultural heritage processes and publications of an Estonian Swede singer-song writer, gender and power in the Ballad universe, rhetoric in Hi-fi-magazines, the Swedish folk music vouge in the 1960’s and 70’s and Swedish female accordionists. You can also find twelve book reviews of relevant and interesting literature in the field of ethnomusicology and -choreology, as well as seven conference reports.

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Puls no 8

Deadline for contributions to no 8: April 1, 2022.

Call for Contributions for Puls No 8

Editorial information

For further information, please contact the General Editor.

Publisher: Dan Lundberg, Director-General Musikverket, dan.lundberg@musikverket.se
General Editor: Madeleine Modin, Svenskt visarkiv, madeleine.modin@musikverket.se
Please e-mail articles to puls@musikverket.se
Guest Editor, no. 8: Owe Ronström, Uppsala University, owe.ronstrom@etnologi.uu.se
Editor for book reviews and conference reports, no. 8: Alf Arvidsson, Umeå University, alf.arvidsson@kultmed.umu.se

Guest Editor, no 5-7: Alf Arvidsson, Umeå University, alf.arvidsson@kultmed.umu.se
Editor for book reviews and conference reports, no. 5-7:  Karin L. Eriksson, Linnæus University, karin.eriksson@lnu.se

A modern journal for ethnomusicology and ethnochoreology

Puls journal for ethnomusicology and ethnochoreology is a new online open access journal published by Svenskt visarkiv/Centre for Swedish Folk Music and Jazz Research, Stockholm, Sweden. The main focus of the journal is ethnomusicology and ethnochoreology, but the journal also embraces adjacent disciplines, such as other aspects of musicology and choreology, folklore, literature, and related studies of traditional and popular culture. The journal focuses on discussion of the expressions, roles and functions of music and dancing in society.

Each issue of Puls presents articles, book reviews and conference reports in the field of music and dance research.

Puls is a modern, scholarly journal aiming to reach scholars and students as well as performers in the fields of music and dancing, and the culturally interested public. The journal could be regarded as an updated sequel – in a communicative as well as scholarly sense – of the former publications from Svenskt visarkiv, the yearbook Sumlen (1976–1999) and the popular journal Noterat (1995–2014). 

In Puls articles are published in the Scandinavian languages or in English. Articles are subject to a peer review process prior to publication.

Puls is an annual, free access online journal published on the website of the Swedish public institution Musikverket/Swedish Performing Arts Agency, where Svenskt visarkiv is one of the units. The editorial work is conducted by a general editor and a co-editor (the latter appointed for a two-year period) in co-operation with the editorial board of Puls. A scholarly and cross-disciplinary Advisory Board is liaised with the journal.