Bergslagen 1955 and Gotland 1956

Until now, Matts Arnberg had made his recording journeys outside his regular work as a music producer. This meant that he was only able to make longer trips sporadically when his situation at work allowed it.

In 1955 Arnberg became head of the ”speech” section of Swedish Radio’s music department which produced ”musical education programmes”. At the same time he fought to work with folk music and periodically succeeded in being freed from his regular duties in order to do recording trips.

In 1955 Matts Arnberg made a shorter journey in Bergslagen, during which a handful of singers were documented, and the following year he made recordings on the island of Gotland. The brothers Ragnar Bjersby and Svante Pettersson, the foremost authorities on the folk music of Gotland, facilitated contacts. 21 tradition bearers were recorded – most of them singers.

Bergslagen 1955








Recordings from the journey to Bergslagen


Gotland 1956












Recordings from the journey to Gotland

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