Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Music and Minorities

Uppsala, Sweden, 25-30 October 2021

Hybrid format

Svenskt visarkiv (Centre for Swedish Folk Music and Jazz Research) will be the primary institution organizing the symposium. Founded in Stockholm in 1951, Svenskt visarkiv, is a public institution involved in collecting, preserving, researching and publishing in the fields of instrumental and vocal traditional music as well as older popular songs and Swedish jazz. Svenskt visarkiv is one of five institutions forming Musikverket (the Swedish Performing Arts Agency).

The five collaborating institutions, all based in Uppsala, will be The Royal Gustavus Adolphus Academy for Swedish Folk Culture, The Royal Swedish Academy of Music,  Institutet  för  språk  och  folkminnen,  ISOF (Institute for Language and Folklore) and the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology at Uppsala University. Institutet för språk och folkminnen is a governmental agency researching folk traditions and minority languages in Sweden whereas the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology specializes in understanding new ethnicities, modes of urbanism and multiculturalism.

The symposium will be held at Uppsala Arkivcentrum (the Institute for Language and Folklore), von Kraemers allé 21, 752 37 Uppsala, Sweden.

Local Arrangements Committee 

Charlotte Hyltén-Cavallius, Sverker Hyltén-Cavallius (chair), Mischa van Kan, Dan Lundberg, and Oscar Pripp.

Programme Committee 

Cassandre Balosso-Bardin, Sverker Hyltén-Cavallius, Svanibor Pettan (Chair), Adelaida Reyes, Hande Sağlam, and Jasmina Talam.

Programme and Schedule

Programme and Schedule Music and Minorities 2021

Due to the complex and uncertain situation Covid-19 has brought us, the local arrangements committee felt it was necessary - after postponing the Music and Minorities symposium in Uppsala – to organize the symposium in hybrid form.

As digital meetings have become integral parts of our everyday lives since the spring of 2020, we feel – as does the programme committee – a need to offer the opportunity to meet in person to be inspired by each other’s research. We thus decided to keep the symposium on-site in Uppsala between Monday 25 October to Friday 29 October 2021. At the same time, we want to make sure all the original presenters have the possibility to be part of the symposium and therefore a hybrid format was the best solution.

We are sorry we have had to make changes to the plans and the dates for the symposium, but feel this was necessary to find a good format for the conference and ensure we all can participate safely. We look forward to welcoming you to Uppsala in October, on-site or with us digitally.

Watch live

The presentations are held in English and can be viewed live on

To Uppsala from the airport

There are several options to travel from Stockholm Arlanda Airport to Uppsala.

  • Taxis will cost around 500 SEK to Uppsala (around 50 euro/58 US dollar)
  • The easiest way to travel to Uppsala by public transport is by taking SL’s commuter train 40 in the direction of Uppsala (note: this is NOT the Arlanda Express train). This train will take you to Uppsala in 18 minutes. SL’s commuter trains depart from Arlanda Central Station, which is in SkyCity inside the airport in the area between terminals 4 and 5. (see also: You can buy a ticket at the station.

Local public transport in Uppsala

For more information about local transport by buss in Uppsala check out the web page of UL: You can find more information on buying tickets for Uppsala’s local transport here:


Johanna and Mat serves lunch buffet 11-13.30, Monday closed, Kraemers allé 39

Restaurant Feiroz, opens 10.30, von Kraemers allé 1

Restaurant Segerstedts, Lunch 11: 00-13: 00, Dag Hammarskjölds Väg 7

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Ica Hörnan, Artillerigatan 16. Salads, sandwiches etc.

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