The Swedish Violin Vol. 2

Nils-Erik Sparf, Cecilia Zilliacus, Tobias Ringborg, Charles Barkel, Leo Berlin, Leon Spierer, Endre Wolf, Jari Valo, Josef Grünfarb, Karl-Ove Mannberg, Emil Dekov, Helena Norin, Thomas Westling, Olle Linder, Pererik Moræus, Olle Moræus, Anders Jakobsson, Bengt Löfberg, Eva Löfberg, Anders Rosén, Mats Edén, Leif Olsson

Swedish violin music is like a never-ending stream, and that’s why Caprice releases a second volume on this theme, as a sequel to The Swedish Violin (CAP 80001). Here, the repertoire is slightly broadened, so to include what may be the defining factor in the violin’s high position in Swedish musical life – the folk music. A few carefully selected examples of polskas and waltzes will act as reminders of this in between the mighty concertos, romantic sonatas, and complex modernist works.

Included are also a couple of historically significant recordings with one of the most illustrious Swedish violinists of the 20th century, Charles Barkel (1896-1973). Hilding Rosenberg’s adventurous first violin concerto and Tor Aulin’s more famous Four Aquarelles for violin and piano, both effectively display his elegant technical virtuosity and musical intensity.

Another figure that is given more room in this instalment is the composer Emil Sjögren, whose five violin sonatas and several incidental pieces have been beloved features of the Swedish violin repertoire for a long time. A couple of these sonatas, and his Poéme for violin and piano, are here masterfully performed by Tobias Ringborg and Anders Kilström.

Swedish composers seem to have been smitten by the violin’s brilliant sound and endless technical possibilities quite early on. As early as during the baroque era, many violin concertos and solo pieces were written by several different composers. Of course, this can partly be explained by the “fiddle’s” continuously strong position within Swedish folk music, where it has been an inherent and popular feature ever since the instrument’s rise during the late renaissance and early baroque periods, until today. That said however, folk music in itself hasn’t always stood in such high regard, especially during the long periods when the state church’s strict doctrines about music’s inherent sinfulness reigned supreme.

The late romantic era and, especially, the 20th century was when the real explosion of Swedish art music happened, and there are hardly any of the established Swedish composers that didn’t write concertos, sonatas, tone poems, and diverse chamber music with the violin at the centre. A helpful factor in this was of course that Sweden both fostered, and attracted from abroad, a great number of eminent violinists over the years.

Participating on these recordings are, e.g., violinists Cecilia Zilliacus, Nils-Erik Sparf, Leo Berlin, and Jari Valo, conductors such as Lu Jia, Sergiu Comissiona, and Juha Kangas, as well as the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, and Norrköping Symphony Orchestra.

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Show playlist

    • 1.
      Violin Concerto: I. Allegro con fuoco Music: Anders Eliasson

    • 2.
      Violin Concerto: II. Lento Music: Anders Eliasson

    • 3.
      Violin Concerto: III. Presto Music: Anders Eliasson

    • 4.
      Sonata No. 6 for Two Violins: Andante - Tempo di Walzer Music: Allan Pettersson

    • 5.
      Violin Sonata No. 1 in G minor, Op. 19: I. Allegro vivace Music: Emil Sjögren

    • 6.
      Violin Sonata No. 1 in G minor, Op. 19: II. Andante Music: Emil Sjögren

    • 7.
      Violin Sonata No. 1 in G minor, Op. 19: III. Finale: Presto Music: Emil Sjögren

    • 8.
      Polska efter Rimsen från Bollnäs finnskog Music: Traditional

    • 9.
      Violin Concerto, Op. 19 (1976 version): I. Allegro non troppo Music: Gunnar de Frumerie

    • 10.
      Violin Concerto, Op. 19 (1976 version): II. Andante sostenuto Music: Gunnar de Frumerie

    • 11.
      Violin Concerto, Op. 19 (1976 version): III. Tempo moderato Music: Gunnar de Frumerie

    • 12.
      Diabas for Solo Violin Music: Sven-David Sandström

    • 13.
      Four Watercolours for Violin and Piano: I. Idyll Music: Tor Aulin

    • 14.
      Four Watercolours for Violin and Piano: II. Humoresque Music: Tor Aulin

    • 15.
      Four Watercolours for Violin and Piano: III. Lullaby Music: Tor Aulin

    • 16.
      Four Watercolours for Violin and Piano: IV. Polska Music: Tor Aulin

    • 17.
      Inte sörjer jag för mina barn är små Music: Traditional

    • 18.
      Violin Concerto: I Music: Lille Bror Söderlundh

    • 19.
      Violin Concerto: II Music: Lille Bror Söderlundh

    • 20.
      Violin Concerto: III Music: Lille Bror Söderlundh

    • 21.
      Violin Concerto: IV Music: Lille Bror Söderlundh

    • 22.
      Sonata No. 3 for Solo Violin: I. Poco largamente Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 23.
      Sonata No. 3 for Solo Violin: II. Andante Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 24.
      Sonata No. 3 for Solo Violin: III. Allegro con fuoco Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 25.
      Vals efter Gössa Anders Music: Traditional

    • 26.
      Suite No. 2, 'in modo barocco': I. Entrata Music: Ture Rangström

    • 27.
      Suite No. 2, 'in modo barocco': II. Alla Ballata Music: Ture Rangström

    • 28.
      Suite No. 2, 'in modo barocco': III. Finale quasi grottesca Music: Ture Rangström

    • 29.
      Sonata No. 7 for Two Violins Music: Allan Pettersson

    • 30.
      Knäppvals efter Ivar Tallrot Music: Traditional

    • 31.
      Sonatina No. 2, Op. 15: I. Tranquillo Music: Bo Linde

    • 32.
      Sonatina No. 2, Op. 15: II. Scherzando vivo Music: Bo Linde

    • 33.
      Sonatina No. 2, Op. 15: III. Largo Music: Bo Linde

    • 34.
      Sonatina No. 2, Op. 15: IV. Allegro con fuoco Music: Bo Linde

    • 35.
      Violin Concerto No. 1: I. Moderato Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 36.
      Violin Concerto No. 1: II. Allegro robustamente Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 37.
      Violin Concerto No. 1: III. Lento e cantabile Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 38.
      Violin Concerto No. 1: IV. Vivace Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 39.
      Violin Concerto No. 1: V. Allegro risoluto Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 40.
      Halling efter Omas Per, Transtrand Music: Traditional

    • 41.
      Sonata No. 5 in A minor, Op. 61: I. Andante sostenuto Music: Emil Sjögren

    • 42.
      Sonata No. 5 in A minor, Op. 61: II. Scherzo vivacissimo Music: Emil Sjögren

    • 43.
      Sonata No. 5 in A minor, Op. 61: III. Andante con nobile Music: Emil Sjögren

    • 44.
      Sonata No. 5 in A minor, Op. 61: IV. Allegro giocoso Music: Emil Sjögren

    • 45.
      Sonata No. 3 for Two Violins Music: Allan Pettersson

    • 46.
      Djävulspolskan från Brunskog Music: Traditional

    • 47.
      Violin Concerto, Op. 23: I. Allegro moderato ma inquieto Music: Dag Wirén

    • 48.
      Violin Concerto, Op. 23: II. Andante espressivo Music: Dag Wirén

    • 49.
      Violin Concerto, Op. 23: III. Allegro molto Music: Dag Wirén

    • 50.
      Poéme in C Major for Violin and Piano, Op. 40 Music: Emil Sjögren

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Digital // CAP 80004 // Swedish Classical Music // Klassiskt // Releasedate: 15 December, 2017