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Once again it’s time for the Swedish Classical Music series to take a look outside the instrument-specific boundaries, turning to when they all come together – in the orchestra. This installment is completely devoted to shining a light on the outstanding breadth and long history of Swedish orchestral music. With works for symphony-, wind-, and string orchestra, this release aims to provide the listener with a fascinating trek through various styles, moods, and expressions. Everything between baroque and contemporary art music, symphonies to serenades, is packed into the 70 track space of this vast collection.

Swedish orchestral music goes back a long time – one of the oldest orchestras still operating in the world is Kungliga Hovkapellet (the Royal Court Orchestra), which has been making beautiful music since at least the early 16th century. Most of Sweden’s greatest composers through the ages have written extensively for this irresistibly flexible and voluminous ensemble form. Among those represented here are Wilhelm Stenhammar, Allan Pettersson, Lars-Erik Larsson, Hilding Rosenberg, Karl-Birger Blomdahl, Franz Berwal, and Hugo Alfvén.

Swedish orchestras have a consistently good reputation, even internationally, and here you can hear some of Sweden’s and Europe’s top ensembles, led by great names in the conductor’s guild. Orchestras like the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra (the National Orchestra of Sweden), Drottningholm Baroque Orchestra, State Capella of Russia, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, and Southwest German Radio Symphony Orchestra are led by, among others, Stig Westerberg, Okko Kamu, Leif Segerstam, Francis Travis, Sixten Ehrling, Gennadi Rozhdestvensky, and Bruno Maderna.

Show playlist

    • 1.
      Aspiration for Orchestra Music: Björn Wilho Hallberg

    • 2.
      Symphony No. 2 in G Minor, Op. 34: I. Allegro energico Music: Wilhelm Stenhammar

    • 3.
      Symphony No. 2 in G Minor, Op. 34: II. Andante Music: Wilhelm Stenhammar

    • 4.
      Symphony No. 2 in G Minor, Op. 34: III. Scherzo Music: Wilhelm Stenhammar

    • 5.
      Symphony No. 2 in G Minor, Op. 34: IV. Finale Music: Wilhelm Stenhammar

    • 6.
      Swedish Rhapsody No. 1, Op. 19, Midsommarvaka Music: Hugo Alfvén

    • 7.
      Arctic Ocean Music: Gösta Nystroem

    • 8.
      Serenade for Strings , Op. 11: I. Preludium Music: Dag Wirén

    • 9.
      Serenade for Strings , Op. 11: II. Andante espressivo Music: Dag Wirén

    • 10.
      Serenade for Strings , Op. 11: III. Scherzo Music: Dag Wirén

    • 11.
      Serenade for Strings , Op. 11: IV. Marcia Music: Dag Wirén

    • 12.
      Utopia, Op. 20 Music: Åke Hermanson

    • 13.
      Gustav II Adolf Suite, Op. 49: Elegy Music: Hugo Alfvén

    • 14.
      West Coast Pictures: I. Soldis Music: Kurt Atterberg

    • 15.
      West Coast Pictures: II. Storm Music: Kurt Atterberg

    • 16.
      West Coast Pictures: III. Sommarnatt Music: Kurt Atterberg

    • 17.
      Blow Music: Arne Mellnäs

    • 18.
      Pastoral Suite, Op. 19: Romance Music: Lars-Erik Larsson

    • 19.
      Concerto No. 1 for Strings: I. Allegro Music: Allan Pettersson

    • 20.
      Concerto No. 1 for Strings: II. Andante Music: Allan Pettersson

    • 21.
      Concerto No. 1 for Strings: III. Largamente Music: Allan Pettersson

    • 22.
      Desert Point Music: Anders Eliasson

    • 23.
      Resa till Amerika: Visa från Utanmyra Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 24.
      Symphony No. 1 in C Major: I. Allegro con brio Music: Adolf Fredrik Lindblad

    • 25.
      Symphony No. 1 in C Major: II. Scherzo: Presto Music: Adolf Fredrik Lindblad

    • 26.
      Symphony No. 1 in C Major: III. Adagio molto e cantabile Music: Adolf Fredrik Lindblad

    • 27.
      Symphony No. 1 in C Major: IV. Finale: Allegro molto Music: Adolf Fredrik Lindblad

    • 28.
      Ricordanza per orchestra Music: Bengt Hambraeus

    • 29.
      Electra, Act 1: Overture Music: Johann Christian Friedrich Haeffner

    • 30.
      Divertimento No. 2, Op. 15: I. Allegro con spirito Music: Lars-Erik Larsson

    • 31.
      Divertimento No. 2, Op. 15: II. Adagio Music: Lars-Erik Larsson

    • 32.
      Divertimento No. 2, Op. 15: III. Presto Music: Lars-Erik Larsson

    • 33.
      Kontakion Music: Ingvar Lidholm

    • 34.
      Estrella de Soria: Overture Music: Franz Berwald

    • 35.
      Symphony No. 1: I. First Movement Music: Anders Eliasson

    • 36.
      Symphony No. 1: II. Second Movement Music: Anders Eliasson

    • 37.
      Symphony No. 1: III. Third Movement Music: Anders Eliasson

    • 38.
      Greetings from an Old World Music: Ingvar Lidholm

    • 39.
      Sisyphus Suite Music: Karl-Birger Blomdahl

    • 40.
      Variations and Intermezzi: I. Come una aria funebre Music: Daniel Börtz

    • 41.
      Variations and Intermezzi: II. Moderato Music: Daniel Börtz

    • 42.
      Variations and Intermezzi: III. Adagio espressivo Music: Daniel Börtz

    • 43.
      Variations and Intermezzi: IV. Prestissimo come perpetuum mobile Music: Daniel Börtz

    • 44.
      Variations and Intermezzi: V. Largo e molto rubato Music: Daniel Börtz

    • 45.
      Festspel, Op. 25 Music: Hugo Alfvén

    • 46.
      Summer Night and Sunrise, Op. 19 Music: Adolf Wiklund

    • 47.
      Symphony No. 3, Facets: I. Largamente Music: Karl-Birger Blomdahl

    • 48.
      Symphony No. 3, Facets: II. Tranquillo, ma fluente Music: Karl-Birger Blomdahl

    • 49.
      Symphony No. 3, Facets: III. Prestissimo Music: Karl-Birger Blomdahl

    • 50.
      Symphony No. 3, Facets: IV. Allegro, molto deciso e ritmico Music: Karl-Birger Blomdahl

    • 51.
      Symphony No. 3, Facets: V. Largamente Music: Karl-Birger Blomdahl

    • 52.
      Celestial Mechanics Music: Anders Hillborg

    • 53.
      Symphony No. 8 Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 54.
      Triptych, Op. 33: I. Tempo moderato, ma espressivo Music: Dag Wirén

    • 55.
      Triptych, Op. 33: II. Molto allegro Music: Dag Wirén

    • 56.
      Triptych, Op. 33: III. Andante espressivo - Allegro molto Music: Dag Wirén

    • 57.
      Circulation Music: Miklós Maros

    • 58.
      Sinfonia Breve Music: Gösta Nystroem

    • 59.
      Appell, Op. 10: I. Rapidamente Music: Åke Hermanson

    • 60.
      Appell, Op. 10: II. Risoluto Music: Åke Hermanson

    • 61.
      Appell, Op. 10: III. Articolazione Music: Åke Hermanson

    • 62.
      Appell, Op. 10: IV. Prestissimo fremente Music: Åke Hermanson

    • 63.
      Labyrinth: A Concerto Grosso Music: Bengt Hambraeus

    • 64.
      In nuce per grande orchestra, Op. 7 Music: Åke Hermanson

    • 65.
      Sinfonie singuliere: I. Allegro fuocoso Music: Franz Berwald

    • 66.
      Sinfonie singuliere: II. Adagio - Scherzo Music: Franz Berwald

    • 67.
      Sinfonie singuliere: III. Finale: Presto Music: Franz Berwald

    • 68.
      Canti in lontananza Music: Anders Eliasson

    • 69.
      Symphony No. 7 Music: Allan Pettersson

    • 70.
      Dalarapsodi: Finale: Djävulspolskan Music: Hugo Alfvén

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