Russian Songs and Gypsy Romances

Jelena Jangfeldt-Jakubovitch, Jan Hellberg, Rimma Gotskosik, Oleg Gotskosik

Caprice Records now digitally re-releases Jelena Jangfeldt-Jakubovitch‘s debut album from 1981. She had lived in Sweden for a few years, but already became known as a musician of rank, and appeared in many different contexts. And maybe she was a debutant on record, but not at all on stage, as she already had a career as an actress in Russia behind her.

This album features the music that is still closest Jelena Jangfeldt-Jakubovitch’s heart. The songs are performed in Russian, with the exception of three of them that received Swedish translations by Bengt Jangfeldt. Of the Russian ballads theree are several poems of Russia’s leading poets put to music; Boris Pasternak, Bulat Okudzhava and Fyodor Tyutchev. The Romani romances are based either on Russian folk songs or on Romani poems written by Russian poets.

This recording was made in Sveriges Radio’s Studio 2 in Stockholm, October 27 & 31, as November 3, 1980.
Arrangements: Oleg Gotskosik
Producer och tekniker: Olle Bolander
Cover photo: Bengt Jangfeldt
Graphics: Ulf Andersson

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Show playlist

    • 1.
      Gypsies on the Road (Ехали Цыгане) Music: Traditional

    • 2.
      Visa om Mozart (Песня о Моцарте) Music: Bulat Okudzjava

    • 3.
      Winter Night (Зимняя ночь) Music: Anatoli Agranoski/Jelena Jangfeldt

    • 4.
      Everything I Leave… (Всех оставлю...) Music: Traditional

    • 5.
      Jag mötte er (Я встретил вас) Music: Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev

    • 6.
      Hour of Destiny (В час роковой) Music: Traditional

    • 7.
      A Noisy, Happy Gypsy Crowd (Веселой, шүмною толпою) Music: Traditional

    • 8.
      Enchanted Moonbeam (Луны волшебной полосы) Music: Traditional

    • 9.
      Once More I Hear Your Voice (Снова слышу голос твой) Music: Traditional

    • 10.
      Late One Evening (Вечор поздно из лесочку) Music: Traditional

    • 11.
      But Speak to Me (О, говори хоть ты со мной) Music: Traditional

    • 12.
      François Villons bön (Молитва Франсуа Вийона) Music: Bulat Okudzjava

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