Visor från Södra Lappland

Allida Grönlund & Eva Hedberg

The songs that are presented here have lived for generations in southern Lapland. During the long winter evenings, by the light of hearth and tallow candles, songs and stories thrived and flourished.
While the women carded and spun; while the men made spoons, wooden ladles and other traditional handicrafts; when the chill crept through the timber walls; when the star-filled sky forebode the cold months to come; when the farmers brow furrowed as he wondered if the food would last the winter; and when strange shadows grew in the darkness; then the thrilling stories of ancient warriors, the little people, and ghosts were told, the long epic songs that enthralled both adults and children. Those who could share this excitement and joy in songs, stories, and even family prayers evoked a feeling of security and strength.

The mires stretched into the distance, the forests were old and thick. The little mountain lakes were many and deep, the lowland lakes flowed one into the other. The mountains rose in the west, where nomadic Sami families followed their small reindeer herds between the winter and summer pastures. When the expanding Swedish kingdom wanted to assert its control of the area in the 17th century, it issued the Lapland Edict, to encourage homesteaders by excusing them from taxes and military service. The people who were drawn to “the New Land” of the North endured great hardships. But they became experts in the art of survival.

Allida and Eva Hedberg both grew up in southern Lapland. Allida Grönlund aound the turn of the century in the village of Latikberg in Vilhelmina parish, Eva Hedberg during the 1880’s in Bredsele in the parish of Dorotea. Old humorous ditties, lullabies, and ballads with roots in the Middle Ages lived on in their families, alongside the more sentimental 19th century songs.

Through their words, rhythm and melodies, the songs that are presented here reflect the musical tradition that for centuries has retained its vitality across southern Lapland.

Allida Grönlund was recorded by Matts Arnberg and Märta Ramsten in Baksjöbäcken, Vilhelmina, in 1962. Eva Hedberg recorded by Matts Arnberg and audio technician Bengt Rydfelt in hägersten, Stockholm, in 1957.

Producer and text: Inger Stenman
Editing: Gunnar Flygt
Translation: George Wood

CAP 21916 / 2018-06-15 / Digital

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    • 1.
      Jon å Lager, de tjänte i konungens gård Music: Traditional

    • 2.
      Det satt två lämpar i Nordanfjäll Music: Traditional

    • 3.
      Jag skall giva dig en oxe stor Music: Traditional

    • 4.
      Vänner och fränder lade om råd Music: Traditional

    • 5.
      Det sitter en fågel på liljekvist Music: Traditional

    • 6.
      Tvy så skomlit tå bårna minä Music: Traditional

    • 7.
      Piga gick borti bastun Music: Traditional

    • 8.
      Tussalulla mammas barn, tjäna mig en bulle Music: Traditional

    • 9.
      Gumman ho satt å vaggade barn Music: Traditional

    • 10.
      Gossen han hade en liten gullvagn Music: Traditional

    • 11.
      Jag fattige lappman Music: Traditional

    • 12.
      Lill-Pelle spring fort Music: Traditional

    • 13.
      Vad fick du hos din amma Music: Traditional

    • 14.
      Vad ska bruden hava till mat Music: Traditional

    • 15.
      Mikealidagen, som faller in i år Music: Traditional

    • 16.
      Om dagen är du städs för mig Music: Traditional

    • 17.
      Älvor de stämma så vemodigt spel Music: Traditional

    • 18.
      Vore du ett blad Music: Traditional

    • 19.
      En liten fågel satt en gång Music: Traditional

    • 20.
      Bonusspår: Intervju Music: Traditional

    • 21.
      Bonusspår: Utdrag ur Sinclairsvisan (På en ljuvlig sommarplan) Music: Traditional

    • 22.
      Bonusspår: Dasisen lång, dasisen kort Music: Traditional

    • 23.
      Bonusspår: Och när det blev tyst i varendaste vrå Music: Traditional

    • 24.
      Det bodde en fiskare allt uppå en ö Music: Traditional

    • 25.
      Herr Peder han gångar uppå kammaregolv Music: Traditional

    • 26.
      Flickan gångar uppå högan berg Music: Traditional

    • 27.
      Tusselulle på ett berg Music: Traditional

    • 28.
      Jag skall lulla mammas barn Music: Traditional

    • 29.
      Tuss lull lullelull kok kittelen full Music: Traditional

    • 30.
      Tusse lulle hornet Music: Traditional

    • 31.
      Lille Carl sov sött i frid Music: Traditional

    • 32.
      Sov sött i lilla vaggan här Music: Traditional

    • 33.
      Men det värsta hände mig en gång, sa'n Music: Traditional

    • 34.
      På grevens gods Lars Petter Music: Traditional

    • 35.
      En visa lyster det mig dock att sjunga Music: Traditional

    • 36.
      Nu är det soligt och varmt på näset Music: Traditional

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CAP 21916 / 2018-06-15 / Digital