Rolf Enström


Rolf Enström is one of our most versatile composers, emphasizing electro-acoustic music. Presented here are three of Enström’s works; DirectionsTjidtjag & Tjidtjaggaise, and Slutförbannelser (Final Curses).

The dramatic music piece, Tjidtjag & Tjidtjaggaise, was composed for radio, commissioned by the Riksradions Musikdramatiska (National Radio’s Dramatic Music) group. The work won the Prix Italia in 1987. The piece is a fantasy describing a shaman’s journey into the shamanic state of consciousness. Impressions drawn from older Sami culture (Tjidtjag is a mountainous area, northwest of Hornavan and Sädvajaur where generations of nomadic Sami families have followed the reindeer herds), meet with ideas of modern technical possibilities.

Directions was composed in 1979 and was performed for the first time at Elektronmusikfestivalen (the Electronic Music Festival) at Cirkus, in Stockholm in the same year. ”I have chosen to work instrumentally with the electronic material in order to achieve interpretations that feels alive.”

Slutförbannelser is a reflection, a portrayal of the death experience. It is Enström’s personal, musical interpretation of Elsa Grave’s poetry collection, published in 1977.

Rolf Enström’s compositions have been performed worldwide. He has collaborated with sculptors, choreographers, and photographers.

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    • 1.
      Diections Music: Rolf Enström
    • 2.
      Tjidtjag och Tjidtjaggaise Music: Rolf Enström
    • 3.
      Slutförbannelser/Final Curses Music: Rolf Enström Text: Elsa Grave
  • Total playtime 62'56

Compact Disc // CAP 21374 // Nutida // Releasedate: 1 January, 1989