Sven-David Sandström

The première performance of Sven-David Sandström’s (1942-2019) Requiem, subtitled Mute the Bereaved Memories Speak, was recorded in the Berwald Hall, Stockholm, in 1982. Tobias Berggren’s text and Sandström’s music caused a sensation and met with a powerful response from both reviewers and audience. For this Requiem, which must rank as one of the truly important works of the 1980s, Sven-David Sandström was awarded in 1984 the Music Prize of the Nordic Council.

The work takes as its starting point the tragedy of oblivion, a reminder of all the people who have been killed by other people and obliterated from all recollection, and the rage and sorrow we feel at the most terrible of all crimes; the murder of children, – A crime which we are forced to live with, at least in our own time, with tens of thousands of children killed in the many ongoing wars of our time.

The composition is dedicated to Beate Klarsfeld, a Geman woman who dedicated her life to tracking down the unpunished Nazi criminals. A passage from one of her books, describing the children’s departure for the concentration camps, decisively influenced the design of the Requiem.

The interaction of words and music is very important for the experience of this work. All the words are reproduced in a booklet. The composition is a product of teamwork: the composer says that the music is entirely governed by the words, and that music and text have been brought as close together as possible.

The Requiem demands extensive forces: the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Swedish Radio Choir, the Stockholm Chamber Choir, a girls’ choir, soloists: Marianne Mellnäs, soprano, Birgitta Svendén, contralto, Esaias Tewolde-Berhan, tenor, Mikael Samuelson, baritone. The performance is conducted by Leif Segerstam.

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Show playlist
    • CD 1
      • I
        • 1.
        • 2.
        • 3.
          Dies Irae
      • II
        • 4.
        • 5.
          Libera me
        • 6.
    • CD 2
      • III
        • 7.
          Agnus Dei/De Profundis
        • 8.
          Credo & Resurrectio Animarum
  • Total playtime 99'23

CD/Digital // CAP 22027 // Caprice Composer Series // Contemporary // Releasedate: 1 January, 1992