Rolf Enström


Inspired by the tiniest building stones of nature, Quarks, Rolf Enström composed the piece Directions. He composed five more electro-acoustic pieces all with titles from the world of the quarks; SpinCharmStrangeUp! and Down, all included on this CD

Rolf Enström has always nourished a keen interest for the natural sciences. After having read in Scientific American in 1979 about the theory of the smallest elements in nature, entities impossible to observe and possible to describe only through their characteristic properties such as spin, charge and colour, Enström composed Directions. At that time he had already planned an electro-acoustical cycle of compositions with a common subject. This resulted in the five compositions on this CD, SpinCharm, etc. The pieces were meant to be performed simultaneously; the first three have the same length, while the two latter have a somewhat longer duration. This results in time delays and thus creates new combinations.

Rolf Enström was born in 1951. He has studied technology, musical science and philosophy. As composter he is autodidact. He is active as composer-in-residence and teacher at the Swedish Electro-Acoustic Studio. In 1979 he received attention for his tape composition Sequence in Blue and the slideshow Myr. Rolf Enström wants to unite sound and image and at several occasions he has cooperated with the photo artist Thomas Hellsing.

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Show playlist
    • 1.
      Spin Music: Rolf Enström
    • 2.
      Charm Music: Rolf Enström
    • 3.
      Strange Music: Rolf Enström
    • 4.
      Up! Music: Rolf Enström
    • 5.
      down: Music: Rolf Enström
  • Total playtime 47'50

Compact Disc // CAP 21650 // Elektroakustiskt // Releasedate: 24 January, 2007