Stockholm Saxophone Quartet


The Stockholm Saxophone Quartet is one of Sweden’s most eminent and indispensable groups for contemporary music. It consists of soprano saxophonist Sven Westerberg, Jörgen Petterson (alto sax), Leif Karlborg (tenor sax) and Per Hedlund (baritone sax).

The quartet’s second CD “Links” contains Bo Rydberg’s Link/Sequence for four saxophones, live electronics and pre-recorded sound, Rolf Enström’s Vigil for saxophones, Midi-saxophone (“synthophone”), sampler, percussion, ISPW and tape, Marie Samuelsson’s Signal for saxophone quartet and live electronics, Åke Parmerud’s Retour for saxophone quartet and computer, Christer Lindwall’s Cut up for saxophone quartet and Dror Feiler’s Anvil and Parachutes for saxophone quartet and tape.

During the 1980s and 1990s, the Stockholm Saxophone Quartet developed into a highly attractive ensemble for new music. More than 130 compositions have been written especially for the quartet by both Swedish and foreign composers. During the 1990s the Quartet expanded its register to include electro-acoustic technique.

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Show playlist
    • 1.
      LINK/Sequence Music: Bo Rydberg
    • 2.
      Vigil Music: Rolf Enström
    • 3.
      Signal Music: Marie Samuelsson
    • 4.
      Retur Music: Åke Parmerud
    • 5.
      Cut Up Music: Christer Lindwall
    • 6.
      Anvil and Parachutes Music: Dror Feiler
  • Total playtime 60'19

Compact Disc // CAP 21517 // Klassiskt // Releasedate: 1 January, 1997