Arctic air

Bo Nilsson

Who is Bo Nilsson? He slips out of your grip, and as soon as you think you got him pinned down he changes his hat and his looks quicker than a magician.

On this CD about half a century of music by the unpredictable and ever surprising Bo Nilsson is presented. A liberated, inspired and generous Bo Nilsson offers us his most beautiful music. It is seductive, enchanting and transports the listener to an unknown place in Nilsson’s musical garden. In the last bar, the arctic night is smashed in a brilliant Nilssonian piano chord, the composer’s own signature to the piece. Here, to be on the safe side, played by the composer himself.

The events on this CD vary from different moments in time, between the different approaches Bo Nilsson had to his musical creation in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 90s. Here you will find Zwei Stücke (the success piece from Cologne 1955), Frequenzen (the definite break-through in 1956) and eight other important pieces written between 1956 and 2001, and as a bonus, a new piece by Gunnar Valkare, Reflexion – Hommage à Bo Nilsson.

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Show playlist
    • 1.
      Artic Air Music: Bo Nilsson
    • 2.
      Zwei Stücke Music: Bo Nilsson
    • 3.
      Frequenzen Music: Bo Nilsson
    • 4.
      Zeitpunkte Music: Bo Nilsson
    • 5.
      Doppelspiel Music: Bo Nilsson
    • 6.
      Buch der Veränderungen Music: Bo Nilsson
    • 7.
      Zwanzig Gruppen Music: Bo Nilsson
    • 8.
      Déjà vu Music: Bo Nilsson
    • 9.
      Fräulein Julie Music: Bo Nilsson
    • 10.
      Plexus Music: Bo Nilsson
    • 11.
      Réflexion Music: Gunnar Valkare
  • Total playtime 1'10

Compact Disc // CAP 21653 // Classical // Releasedate: 27 May, 2002