Anders Eliasson/Desert Point

 Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra/Juha Kangas

Anders Eliasson is one of Sweden’s greatest and most relevant composers today. This CD presents two solo concertos – for horn and violin respectively – and the string composition Desert Point. As soloist in the Horn Concerto we hear Sören Hermansson, who commissioned the work, premièred in 1992.

Jari Valo is the soloist in the Violin Concerto, which is dedicated to him and Juha Kangas. This too was a commissioned work, written in 1993 for the Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra.

The Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra has acquired a reputation for outstanding interpretations of contemporary, mainly Nordic, compositions. It has premièred a large number of compositions and has a clear profile all of its own.

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Show playlist
    • Horn concerto, Concerto per Corno ed Archi ”Farafalle e ferro”
      • 1.
        I Risoluto
      • 2.
        II Lento
      • 3.
        III Presto, leggiero
    • 4.
      Desert Point Music: Anders Eliasson
    • Violin concerto, Concerto per Violino ed Orchestra d'archi
      • 5.
        I Allegro
      • 6.
        II Lento
      • 7.
        III Presto
  • Total playtime 59'12

Compact Disc // CAP 21422 // Classical // Releasedate: 1 January, 1995