Dalarna 1954

In 1954, Arnberg did a new recording trip to Dalarna. He took along four music researchers from Uppsala: Carl-Allan Moberg, Arne Arnbom, Sture Bergel och Bengt Hambraeus. They had understood the value of folk music recordings, and asked Swedish Radio if they could take part in a recording trip. Carl-Allan Moberg – who was at the time researching herding calls and summer pastures music – was particularly interested.

The trip followed in the main the route from 1949 – Leksand, Boda, Bingsjö, Orsa, Älvdalen, Högstrand och Malung – and yet again yielded a great number of songs, fiddle tunes and herding calls.

In two essays ”Om vallåtar” (On Tunes from Summer Pastures) (STM 1954 and 1959), Carl-Allan Moberg wrote of the recordings of herding calls made in 1954. The tunes of traditional musicians also greatly impressed the researchers – long afterwards, Moberg recalled an evening with traditional musicians at Pekkosgården in Binsjö as ”the indisputably contrapunto alla mente during the night’s bewitching improvised music in the main room…”

Carl-Allan Moberg and Matts Arnberg travelled directly from the recording trip to the ”Riksspelmansstämma” (National Gathering of Traditional Musicians) in Furuvik. There they were both awarded ”Zornmärket” (a badge which signifies folk music proficiency) in gold for their work with folk music.











Recordings from the journey to Dalarna

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