The Journey to Dalarna, 1949

The recording journey in Dalarna took place from the 14th to the 23rd of March, 1949. Matts Arnberg had in most cases contacted in advance the persons he was to record. These were in the main those who had sent entries to Swedish Radio’s folk song competition in 1947-48, but on his own initiative Arnberg also recorded a number of traditional musicians.

His most important contact in Dalarna was Knis Karl Aronsson of Leksand,  who gave him many names of singers and musicians in various parishes. Olof Andersson, who published the collection Swedish Tunes and was the foremost specialist on traditional musicians, heeded Arnberg’s request for a ”List of traditional musicians with a characteristic style of playing the music of Dalarna”.

The following parishes were visited during the first Dalarna trip: Leksand, Rättvik, Boda, Mora, Orsa, Älvdalen, Särna, Transtrand and Malung.











Recordings from the journey to Dalarna

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