The Swedish Cello

Mats Lidström, Frans Helmersson, Torleif Thedéen, Mats Rondin, Ola Karlsson, Peter Schuback, Petja Svensson, Elemér Lavotha, Gerhard Hamann, Hege Waldeland, Svante Henryson

”The Swedish Cello” is the first entry in Caprice Record’s new bid to release compilations for digital sale only, a campaign with the aim to reach a new audience and make Caprice’s great back catalog available on the digital market.

This album constitutes a comprehensive walkthrough of Swedish music written with the cello as the protagonist. Looking back through history, one can conclude that, unlike their colleagues on the European continent, the great Swedish composers discovered the cello’s soloistic potential relatively late. Whether this was due to a lack of sufficiently virtuosic musicians or of knowledge of the instrument’s possibilities is of course hard to speculate around, but it’s undeniably quite strange that almost none of Sweden’s great names of the Romantic era (like Wilhelm Stenhammar, Hugo Alfvén, Franz Berwald, and Wilhelm Peterson-Berger) yielded any more than a few individual cello pieces. Especially when considering how composers all over the rest of Europe started producing concertos and sonatas for this most expressive instrument, at a rate where musicians could hardly keep up.

Exceptions occur, of course, and a couple of them start and finish this big compilation respectively – and big it certainly is, for in the 20th century everything would change! As if there had been a long suppressed need of Swedish cello music, suddenly the masterworks started coming one after the other, and today it’s hard to find any Swedish composer of the last century who didn’t write for the cello. Greats like Lars-Erik Larsson, Gösta Nystroem, Gunnar de Frumerie, and Dag Wirén have all composed a cello concerto each – Hilding Rosenberg wrote two! The chamber and solo repertoire was also expanded rapidly during this time, and the cello’s broad range and enormous sound spectrum seemed to appeal to the modernist and postmodern composers especially.

On these recordings you’ll hear many of Sweden’s finest cellists of the modern times, like Frans Helmersson, Mats Lidström, and Torleif Thedéen, as well as esteemed conductors like Leif Segerstam, Stig Westerberg, and Göran W Nilson.

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Show playlist

    • 1.
      Duo i B-Flat Major (1857) Music: Franz Berwald

    • 2.
      Fantasia sopra laudi (1977) Music: Ingvar Lidholm

    • 3.
      Sinfonia Concertante (1945): I. Grave Music: Gösta Nystroem

    • 4.
      Sinfonia Concertante (1945): II. Allegro bucolico Music: Gösta Nystroem

    • 5.
      Sinfonia Concertante (1945): III. Lento Music: Gösta Nystroem

    • 6.
      Music for Solo Cello (1968) Music: Per-Gunnar Alldahl

    • 7.
      Cello Sonata (1926): I. Music: Melcher Melchers

    • 8.
      Cello Sonata (1926): II. Music: Melcher Melchers

    • 9.
      Cello Sonata (1926): III. Music: Melcher Melchers

    • 10.
      Poemas (1975) Music: Peter Schuback

    • 11.
      Concertino, Op. 45 (1956): I. Allegro moderato Music: Lars-Erik Larsson

    • 12.
      Concertino, Op. 45 (1956): II. Siciliano Music: Lars-Erik Larsson

    • 13.
      Concertino, Op. 45 (1956): III. Allegro Music: Lars-Erik Larsson

    • 14.
      Effort for Solo Cello (1977) Music: Sven-David Sandström

    • 15.
      Cello Sonata in A Major, Op. 58 (1912): I. Allegro agitato Music: Emil Sjögren

    • 16.
      Cello Sonata in A Major, Op. 58 (1912): II. Romanza Music: Emil Sjögren

    • 17.
      Cello Sonata in A Major, Op. 58 (1912): III. Allegro con spirito Music: Emil Sjögren

    • 18.
      Amazing Cello (1997) Music: Svante Henryson

    • 19.
      Chamber Music No. 1 (1964): I. Calmo Music: Hans Holewa

    • 20.
      Chamber Music No. 1 (1964): II. Alla marcia Music: Hans Holewa

    • 21.
      Chamber Music No. 1 (1964): III. Molto moderato Music: Hans Holewa

    • 22.
      Chamber Music No. 1 (1964): IV. Andante Music: Hans Holewa

    • 23.
      Chamber Music No. 2 (1973) Music: Hans Holewa

    • 24.
      Chamber Music No. 2 (1973) Music: Hans Holewa

    • 25.
      Cello Concerto (1936): I. Tempo moderato Music: Dag Wirén

    • 26.
      Cello Concerto (1936): II. Andante espressivo Music: Dag Wirén

    • 27.
      Cello Concerto (1936): III. Allegro Music: Dag Wirén

    • 28.
      Nocturne (1910) Music: Henning Mankell

    • 29.
      Frammenti (1972) Music: Karl-Erik Welin

    • 30.
      Cello Sonata (1923): I. Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 31.
      Cello Sonata (1923): II. Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 32.
      Cello Sonata (1923): III. Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 33.
      Disegno (1977) Music: Anders Eliasson

    • 34.
      Cello Concerto (1988) Music: Sven-David Sandström

    • 35.
      Quattro pezzi (1955): I. Robusto Music: Ingvar Lidholm

    • 36.
      Quattro pezzi (1955): II. Fantastico Music: Ingvar Lidholm

    • 37.
      Quattro pezzi (1955): III. Ritmato Music: Ingvar Lidholm

    • 38.
      Quattro pezzi (1955): IV. Con espressione Music: Ingvar Lidholm

    • 39.
      Burro (1975) Music: Peter Schuback

    • 40.
      Cello Concerto (1984): I. Con moto moderato Music: Gunnar de Frumerie

    • 41.
      Cello Concerto (1984): II. Tema con variazioni (Andante) Music: Gunnar de Frumerie

    • 42.
      Cello Concerto (1984): III. Allegretto amabile Music: Gunnar de Frumerie

    • 43.
      Suite for Cello and Piano (1944) Music: Karl-Birger Blomdahl

    • 44.
      Wechselspiel 1 (1960) Music: Jan W. Morthenson

    • 45.
      Tango in C Major (1985) Music: Mats Lidström

    • 46.
      Cello Concerto No. 2 (1953): I. Allegro moderato Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 47.
      Cello Concerto No. 2 (1953): II. Andante Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 48.
      Cello Concerto No. 2 (1953): III. Vivace Music: Hilding Rosenberg

    • 49.
      Largo in F Major (c. 1740) Music: Johann Helmich Roman
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Digital // CAP 80000 // Swedish Classical Music // Classical // Releasedate: 8 October, 2014