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Lars Sjösten

This record is a portrait of Lars Sjösten (1941-2011) – jazz pianist, arranger, and composer, and for his entire career one of Sweden’s most prolific and versatile musicians.

On this album, we hear him in a number of settings, from solo piano to trio, quartet, quintet, and up up to octet. His partners are well-known names from Stockholm’s jazz elite, with the exception of the worthy Willy Lundin. West Indian Rudi Smith is also something of a rare bird in this setting. His steel pan playing garnered him a lot admiration in the studio sessions.

This portrait of Lars Sjösten reveals him to be an improviser with a strong sense of form, compositional thinking and deep-rooted feeling for the basic language and traditions of jazz. He was simply one of the genuine stylists of Swedish jazz.

Recorded in Studio 4, Swedish Radio, Stockholm 21-23 april 1980.
Performers: Lars Olofsson (trombone), Willy Lundin (alto sax), Sture Nordin (bass), Egil Johansen (drums), Jan Allan (trumpet), Ulf Andersson (alto sax), Hector Bingert (tenor sax), Erik Nilsson (baritone sax & bass clarinet), and Rudi Smith (steel pans)
Technician: Rune Sundvall
Producer: Jan Bruér
Texts: Johnny Olsson
Translation: Kim Loughran
Editor: Suzanne Öhman-Sundén
Graphics: Pontus Reuterswärd
Photgraphy: Gunnar Smoliansky

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Show playlist

    • 1.
      At the Ping Pong Ball Music: Lars Sjösten

    • 2.
      Gasoline, my Beloved Music: Lars Sjösten

    • 3.
      You Asked For It Music: Lars Sjösten.

    • 4.
      Select Notes Music: Lars Sjösten

    • 5.
      Tidigt Music: Lars Sjösten

    • 6.
      Thi-Minh Music: Lars Sjösten

    • 7.
      Third Call Music: Lars Sjösten

    • 8.
      The Acoustic Eel Music: Lars Sjösten

    • 9.
      Otetto capriccioso e lamentoso Music: Lars Sjösten

  • Total playtime 49'35
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