What I Am

Red Mitchell

Red Mitchell is well known as one of the most innovative bassists on the jazz scene. His artistic versatility may come as a surprise to many of us. For instance he went on tour with Billie Holiday – a tour that took him all the way to Sweden in the 1950s. He eventually moved to Sweden in 1968, where he became a popular and well-known figure when he shouldered Simon Brehm’s place as bass player and band leader in Sweden’s most popular talk show Hylands hörna.

On What I Am, done in Red’s very own personal way, he introduces himself to us not just as a bass virtuoso but also as a pianist, composer, lyric-writer and singer. Red’s “hit” song The Sun and the Water can also be heard on this album, a song that became popular mostly through Swedish jazz singer Alice Babs. The musicians on this album are Bosse Broberg (trumpet), Rune Carlsson (drums), Nisse Sandström (tenor sax), Göran Strandberg (piano), who together with Red make up the group Communication, plus guest bassist Sture Nordin. This album is an long awaited reissue, now on cd for the first time.
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Show playlist
    • 1.
      What I Am Music: Red Mitchell
    • 2.
      Avsked Music: Göran Strandberg
    • 3.
      Talking Music: Red Mitchell
    • 4.
      The Sun and the Water Music: Red Mitchell
    • 5.
      Tango Magnolia Music: Göran Strandberg
    • 6.
      Micro-thought Number Two Music: Red Mitchell
    • 7.
      Now What Are We Gonna Do Music: Red Mitchell
    • 8.
      You’re Me Music: Red Mitchell
    • 9.
      Autumn in New York Music: Vernon Duke
    • 10.
      Envy Music: Red Mitchell
    • 11.
      In a Sentimental Mood Music: Duke Ellington
    • 12.
      Micro-thought Number One Music: Red Mitchell
  • Total playtime 54'28

CD/digital // CAP 21833 // Jazz // Releasedate: 27 November, 2013