Salve Regina

Hjo Church Youth Choir

In 2005 the Youth Choir of Hjo Church won Concerts Sweden’s distinction “Choir of the Year”, the reason given being that “it is not the geographical position but ambition and will power that create a high level of technique and artistic quality”. The singers in the choir are young girls from Hjo and vicinity, and they are led by cantor Mats Bertilsson, who, with the assistance of singing teacher Britta Sundberg, has built up the choir by developing the proficiency of each individual singer.

Mats Bertilsson, who studied with, among others, Eric Ericson at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, started the Hjo Church Youth Choir in 1992 with only two choristers. It was originally intended to be a mixed choir, but as only girls applied for membership it gradually took on the profi le of a choir exclusively for girls.

Today the Hjo Church Youth Choir has won many international choral awards, including two gold medals in the Choir Olympics (Linz in 2000, Bremen in 2004), and is well known and highly esteemed in musical circles in Sweden as well as abroad.

In Sweden the choir, which is attached to the parish church in Hjo, performs mostly in churches. They often go on tour and have an annual concert together with the Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble. In 2007 the choir made its 500th appearance!

The CD “Salve Regina” recorded a cappella in Hjo Church, reflects Christian mysticism in recently composed works as well as choral works from the Renaissance and the Romantic periods. The modern works are based on medieval hymns and antiphons, including Hodie Christus natus est, composed in 2004 expressly for the Hjo Church Youth Choir by Agneta Sköld (born 1947). The only secular work on the record is Pekka Kostiainen’s (born 1944) song about the northern lights, Revontulet.

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Show playlist
    • 1.
      Salve Regina Music: Maria Löfberg Text: Översättning: Martin Pender
    • 2.
      Hodie Christus natus est Music: Agneta Sköld
    • 3.
      Gratias agimus tibi Music: Hans Leo Hassler
    • 4.
      Pueri Hebraeorum Music: Giovanni Pierlugi da Palestrina
    • 5.
      Regina coeli laetare Music: Johannes Brahms
    • 6.
      Es ist ein Ros entsprungen Music: Mårten Jansson Text: Översättning: Thekla Knös
    • 7.
      Revontulet Music: Pekka Kostiainen Text: Ilmari Kianto
    • 8.
      Alleluia Music: Per Gunnar Petersson Text: Birger Gregersson 1381, Psaltaren 45
    • 9.
      Trina celi hierarchia Music: Mårten Jansson Text: Översättning: Olf Åby
    • 10.
      Ave verum corpus Music: Francis Poulenc
    • 11.
      Ave Maria Music: Gustav Holst
    • 12.
      Zwei Beter Music: Arvo Pärt
    • 13.
      O vos omnes Music: Tomás Luis de Victoria
  • Total playtime 56'34

Digital // CAP 21751 // Classical/Choir // Releasedate: 17 January, 2007