Eric Ericson: Teaching

Eric Ericson teaches at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm/dvd

The tenaciously active superstar Eric Ericson celebrated his 90th birthday on October 26 2008. His international celebrity status is exceptional, and people everywhere talk with reverence of the “Swedish Choral Miracle” – an expression that is very much synonymous with his life work.

Alongside his magnificent career as a conductor, Eric Ericsson has been an educator at all levels of instruction. Between 1952 and 1983, he was a teacher at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, and it is hard to imagine a single Swedish choir conductor who has not met him in this role. Ericson bases his teaching methodology on his own musicianship and his uncanny ability to create the choral sound that has made.

In this unique 14-part documentary film “Teaching”, Birgitta Öhman and Swedish Television have captured Eric Ericson’s playful yet inspirational style of teaching at the Royal College of Music in the 1970s.

Caprice Records in collaboration with the Royal Swedish Academy of Music presents this TV series on one DVD along with a bonus interview with Ericson from 2008.

Experience for yourself the process of interpreting and performing choral music from all eras.

Appearing is Eric Ericson, Anne Sofie von Otter, Marianne Eklöf, Thomas Jennefeldt, Stefan Parkman, among others.

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Show playlist
    • 1.
      Conducting lesson with a. o. Anne Sofie von Otter
    • 2.
      Conducting lesson: J.S. Bach & Sven-Erik Bäck
    • 3.
      Conducting lesson: Arne Mellnäs & Thomas Morley
    • 4.
      Conducting lesson: David Wikander, Karl-Erik Welin & Béla Bartók
    • 5.
      Thomas Morley & Orlando di Lasso
    • 6.
      Lars Edlund, Kurt Lindgren & Béla Bartók
    • 7.
      Warming up with Stefan Parkman
    • 8.
      August Söderman, Alf Cranner, A.F. Lindblad & H.L Hassler
    • 9.
      ”Samtalssinfonietta”: Georg Riedel
    • 10.
      Sven-Erik Johanson & Johannes Brahms
    • 11.
      ”En visa”: Sven-Erik Bäck
    • 12.
      No bird soars to high: Lars-Erik Larsson
    • 13.
      Scherzo: Lars Edlund
    • 14.
      Scherzo & ”Femton finnar” arr. Lars Edlund
    • 15.
      Bonus: Eric Ericson hösten 2008
  • Total playtime 212

DVD // CAP 21815 // Classical // Releasedate: 29 October, 2008