Hymn to Life

Anders Paulsson

The first SACD-Hybrid production on Caprice Records was released in February 2003 and featured soprano saxophonist Anders Paulsson, A Date with a Soprano Saxophone. Now it is time for the next SACD, Hymn to Life, with the same artist, who has introduced the soprano saxophone as a classical solo instrument.

Underlying his success is his masterly tone, which has inspired about forty composers to write music especially for him.

Now he appears with his own music; this time we hear his moving and poetical choral music, which has been inspired by nature. Participants include: The St. Jacob Chamber Choir, The Real Group. Vocal soloists: Malena Ernman, Håkan Hagegård and Olle Persson. Instrumentalists: Anders Paulsson soprano saxophone, André Ferrari percussion, Svante Henryson cello, Jan Adefelt bass, Andrew W. Canning organ. Conductor: Gary Graden.

The St. Jacob Chamber Choir consists of 32 singers and, together with its leader Gary Graden, has its place of residence at Jacob Church in Stockholm. The choir appears with orchestras on a regular basis and often premieres newly written music. It has also taken part in many international symposiums, festivals and competitions and has won a number of prizes, such as the European Grand Prize; Tolosa, Arezzo, Debrecen and EBU’s “Let the People Sing”.

All compositions and arrangements on the record are written by Anders Paulsson.

A SACD Hybrid is a Super Audio record that is playable an on “ordinary” CD player as well (SACD = Super Audio CD).

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Show playlist
    • 1.
      Jag har sett Dig gå över ängen Music: Anders Paulsson Text: Viola Renvall
    • 2.
      Danjungan Sanctuary Music: Anders Paulsson Text: Gerry Grey
    • 3.
      Skärgårdsakvarell Music: Anders Paulsson Text: Anders Paulsson
    • 4.
      Prelude Music: Anders Paulsson
    • 5.
      Uppståndelsens Morgon Music: Anders Paulsson Text: Gabriela Melinescu
    • 6.
      Varifrån Kommer Vinden Music: Anders Paulsson Text: Viola Renvall
    • 7.
      Hymn to Life Music: Anders Paulsson Text: Bo Setterlind
    • 8.
      Tårar Music: Anders Paulsson Text: Bo Setterlind
    • 9.
      Prelude Music: Anders Paulsson
    • 10.
      Vårens Makt Music: Anders Paulsson Text: Elmer Diktonius
    • 11.
      Stjärnorna växer om våren Music: Anders Paulsson Text: Karin Boye
    • 12.
      I rörelse Music: Anders Paulsson Text: Karin Boye
    • 13.
      Advents Musik I Music: Anders Paulsson
    • 14.
      Advents Musik II Music: Anders Paulsson Text: Matt. 6: 6-13, adaption A Paulsson
    • 15.
      Advents Musik III Music: Anders Paulsson Text: Mark. 1: 3-8
    • Four Spirituals
      • 16.
        Bright Morning Stars
      • 17.
        Prelude Music: Anders Paulsson
      • 18.
        Swing Low Sweet Chariot
      • 19.
        Deep River
      • 20.
        Prelude Music: Anders Paulsson
      • 21.
        Nobody Knows
  • Total playtime 73'55

Compact Disc // CAP 21732 // Classical // Releasedate: 13 September, 2004