Cello Solo

Peter Schuback

Finally, cellist and composer Peter Schuback‘s debut album Cello Solo (originally Violoncell Solo, CAP 1190) is available on digital platforms.

This album presents six visionary pieces for solo cello, unique in the Swedish repertoire for the instrument. But it was, and still is hardly uncontroversial music – in fact, most of it is provocative and brings up many questions to the fore: concerning the instrument, the repertoire, the forms of expression and the function of modern art music in general.

Peter Schuback, one of the most interesting and pioneering contemporary cellists, performs these pieces by Karl-Erik Welin, Sven-David Sandström, Anders Eliasson, Jan W. Morthenson, and two of which he has written himself.

Instrument: Instrument: Auguste Sébastien Philippe Bernardel père (snr), Paris 1848

1979-07-18, Swedish Radio, Studio 2 (Sandström & Welin)
1979-07-23, Swedish Radio, Studio 2 (Morthenson & Schuback)
1979-08-22, Swedish Radio, Studio 2 (Eliasson)
Technician: Olle Bolander
Producer: Håkan Elmquist
Editor: Lars Silén
Photo: Per B Adolphson
Graphic design: Pontus Reuterswärd & Sofia Berry

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Show playlist

    • 1.
      Disegno per violoncello (1977) Music: Anders Eliasson

    • 2.
      Poemas (1975) Music: Peter Schuback

    • 3.
      Burro (1975) Music: Peter Schuback

    • 4.
      Wechselspiel 1 für Cello allein (1960) Music: Jan W. Morthenson

    • 5.
      Effort for Cello Solo (1977) Music: Sven-David Sandström

    • 6.
      Frammenti per violoncello (1972) Music: Karl-Erik Welin

  • Total playtime

Digital // CAP 21873 // Klassiskt // Releasedate: 26 June, 2019